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I want to add slider only on homepage. The "Load content dynamically"option has been off. But it appears on inner pages as well.

Thanks in advance!

As name as shown, "Load content dynamically" Option is about loading pages with out refreshing and changing URL.

if you want to Slider appear only in homepage:

In left menu -> ThemeName(Your Theme),
In main content -> Menus -> Slider

you should turn off this option:

Show slider on inner pages. If checked "Load content dynamically" this option is not considered.

and you should turn off this option too to fully work:

In left menu -> ThemeName(Your Theme),
In main content -> Menus -> Layout

Turn off -> Load content dynamically

hope work.
Have fun!

Thanks for the help. I need to remove "Read More" text from slider content. How should I do that?

Thanks in advance.
Hello again.

if you wanna remove "Read More" tag from bottom of the slider, follow this solution:

Find ->


open the file with notepad or some editor,

Find ->

Line 194

and remove the following row from the php and save the file.

<a class="fp-more" href="<?php echo $slide['link']?>"><?php echo $this->_('readmore');?></a>

but remember, with doing this, just some of the text will appear for visitors and will not meaning full for visitors! because value of texts is defined and is specified.

hope work.
Have fun!

the contact form does not work, it comes no email (free version).
Sorry, i have WP 3.5.1 German.
The contact form not working at the first time. The first time it does not work, try the same data a second time, then it works. A reload, then the same from begining.

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