Anything Slider & NextGEN Gallery don't work properly....?

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Both Anything Slider and NextGEN lists the images/objects vertically down the page, while Anything should look like a Slider, and NextGEN should list the images 2 across and then vertically and the pictures are also missing their image border.

Also, on the page that I created for the Anything Slider, the NextGEN Gallery image on the right sidebar will not open in the Pop-up box. It could be said that it's the Anything Slider causing that, but I believe it's actually the conflict with your script/coding, because on my original site the two WOULD work together.

Here are the pages you can view. (sidebar image works fine) (anything slider goes nuts & sidebar image won't popup box) (NextGEN Gallery listing images vertically 'when it shouldn't' and the images border is missing)

It's something with the script you're using on your page.
Many more plugins won't work properly if even these aren't.
Could you please fix these conflicts?


I see that you haven't any style sheets for NextGEN on your page. Because of this you have problems with borders and vertically listing. Also I have used Anything slider with SmartPress and it works fine. It may doesn't work in your case because you linked slider files before <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> in <head>. Try to replace links to anything slider js files after <?php wp_head(); ?> in header.php. Anyway we are committed to interoperability but can not guarantee any third-party plug-ins work with templates.

Okay, I will try all that.... But, note I didn't have these problems in my previous theme with the same settings. Also, I think Anything Slider auto places that code, so hopefully I can change it.

Also, I understand you can't guarantee the theme works with everything, but themes are able to be built to work with most things, so as to prevent as many conflicts as possible. I personally don't know these methods, but you as the theme builder should.

Anyway, thank you for the help. I appreciate it. I'll try your suggestions.

Okay.... So what can I do here? I got NextGEN to work, by defining a stylesheet, which I didn't need to do before, don't know why.

Anyway, my problem now is AnythingSlider for Wordpress?

As you can see, it's not simply doing something weird, but it's duplicating the page itself. Scroll halfway down, and you can see the entire page being duplicated.

The thing you mentioned about the "link", all of that stuff isn't in the header.php, it's auto-generated by the page.

What do you suggest?

Okay, I see what the problem "might" be.... You're using an OLD version of JQuery...!


The current version is 1.7.2 and the minimum version AnythingSlider requires is 1.4.2 and 1.6.3+ without certain errors.

Could you update your version of JQuery? I also noticed your calling it externally instead of locally. You should have it local instead.

Yes we plan to update it in soon. But now we use jQuery 1.4.3, not 1.3.2.


I just purchased smartpress, it's awesome :)

However there seems to be a problem with the facebook like button there's an icon showing,
icon that indicates picture missing. Can you help me out here?

check it out:


Nevermind, I'm just gonna use the first theme I purchased, Onion :)

I'll figure out what to do with smartpress, a subdomain or something :)

Thanks for some great themes!


Hi there! Thank you for letting us know about this. This bug fixed now and you can download new theme archive.

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