An unexpected text appears at the top-left of the header in a specific page

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in the following url there is a short text at the top-left corner. Is it a malfunction of the header? Why appears only in this page and how can i remove it?


Probably, you have implemented some code into theloop.php file, may be <?php echo get_the_author(); ?>, but didn't add any styles to it - so it is located at the left top corner of the parent element.
Hi Dave,

Please note that the text 'Νέο,Θέμα," />' appears only in the following page There fore the code <?php echo get_the_author(); ?> hasn't to do anything for this bug. In this particular web page a plugin is enabled. So, what would you suggest?
Actually, I didn't find this word at the top of your page. Could you send me the screenshot of the place where do you see this text. I saw only "nikos" on the top left of each post that is the author name.

Hi Dave,

sorry but this text appear only in the following page and can see only the sign in members. If someone is not login then this short text not appear.
I send you the screenshot of the place where do you see this text:

Also, in the theme field "Site keywords" ( if i write for example "xlomo pogoniou" then appear into the short text ( Νέο,Θέμα,,xlomo pogoniou” /> )
I send you an other screenshot of the place where do you see this text after the "Site keywords":

Thank you

As I can see, you use the additional plugin/script on your website (the red media player at the top), which isn't provided by our theme. Probably, the issue is caused by the work of it.

Also, this closing bracket '/>' looks like you haven't closed a tag in the html code.

Thanx for your help

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