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Latest Reply from Glaz at 2013-02-10 00:43:00
Hello again, hope to get an answer this time. :) Please don't ignore me! :)

I'm using the "Retropress" theme.

There is a FAQ page at my site. At first I tried making individual FAQ answers on one page show/hide upon click with jQuery. It didn't work correctly (only worked after refreshing the page and never worked if you navigated to the page from other pages).

Okay. I'm not that good with JavaScript to try and find the reason behind that. So I decided to make a list of FAQ questions at the top of the page and then use links with anchors (a href=#anchor -> a id=anchor) to the actual FAQ answers, which would be at the bottom of the page. However, it didn't work at all.

I suspect that in both cases the reason is the smooth scrolling effect the theme uses (when upon loading the page it smoothly scrolls past the menu directly to the content or the comments).

How do I make at least anchors work with it? Or better yet, how do I make jQuery toggle work with it? I'm ready to give up the smooth scrolling effect if it spares me creating a couple of dozen of new pages for the FAQ.

Please do advise something. I like the theme a lot and I was ready to pay for it if it worked the way I needed it to. Come to think of it, having at least anchors work is not that much to ask, is it?

I desperately need your help.

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