Alium 25 jQuery issues

Latest Reply from BinTech at 2020-12-10 10:49:26
I have relatively recently bought the Alium theme and like it so far. However I have realized that it has issues with the latest version of Wordpress 5.6.

The issue is with jQuery. It is being updated and functions that the theme relies upon are deprecated.

/alium/js/superfish.js | jQuery.browser is deprecated.
/alium/js/smthemes.js | is deprecated.
/alium/js/admin.js | jQuery.fn.attr(\'checked\') might use property instead of attribute.

I have installed a third party plug-in as a temporary fix, which can set a temporary jQuery version and debug the issue. It is not a permanent solution, so I would very much appreciate, that the theme is updated with modernized code.

The most obvious thing happening without this workaround, is that the slider stops working. It will then just be a static image, showing the first slide.

The issue is similar to this:

The workaround used is this:

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