After wordpress update website main slider does not work

Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-11-09 03:48:37
my name is Justin. I'm American rock band Who Painted Stars ( website admin.

After updating wordpress version main musicspace theme slider and Gmedia gallery is not working anymore. Slider goes still and Gmedia gallery after clicking on pictures not getting full-size. This problem is only with Firefox. When I open website with Internet Explorer everything works fine, but with Firefox are problems. I'm not very good in front end part, so could you help me at this point :)

Here are links:
main website
part to gmedia library
Lot of thanx for everyone :)


Do you have any plugins like Adblock installed? I got the same problem in Chrome where I have AdBlock and there is no problem on your website in Firefox on my computer. However, when I turned off AdBlock ( in Chrome ) gallery has started working.

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