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Okay so I pretty much figured most things out, that other people were asking. But, I don't see requests or answers for my 3 issues.

Pretty straightforward. Oh! I am using MGames. Not sure if that matters, but there ya go.

- Can I change the "read more" button to a different color? Right now its like blue and purple and sticks out like a sore thumb lol.

- Is there any way to remove the left and right "arrows" on the slider? I found an option "remove arrows" but it was not on the slider options, it was in another menu and it didn't do anything anyway.

- I have the header with my pages, below that is the slider, below that is another navigation bar with categories and on the side (right) is another navbar with categories, recent posts, etc. I really want to remove the navigation bar below the slider with the categories. Can I do that? It seems a little repetitive lol. No. It IS a little repetitive.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hi there!

Unfortunately, we don't provide any services for editing themes for individual users like changing font, background colors or something like that. But we wrote a helpful article on how to use browser console to make these changes on your own. Have a look: https://smthemes.com/blog/browser-devtools-is-at-your-service-or-how-to-change-theme-colors/

Removing of the menus have been also described on our blog here:
However, I would recommend you to customize your menus to avoid repetitive menu items than delete menu.

To delete arrows there must be an option to "Show arrows" on page Mgames --> Slider in the dashboard of your website. Is there something like that?
lmfao. Unbelievable. Its 3 simple things. I already did what you are telling me to do and I cannot find that blue anywhere. Lemme guess you only offer support, real support, to paying members. Yea.
Could you clarify whether you have figured out these issues or not, please.

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