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Latest Reply from Alice at 2016-09-26 03:04:43

I wanted to know what I could do to add a widget to a mobile version? Because I have a "log in" widget and it dissapears when i look at the site via my phone. On tablet it displays the widgets like normal.

I have read about disabling the mobile version thing, but i would like to keep that, but just add the log in widget above the posts and below the menu.

You can't keep the mobile version and add only one widget since all the widgets are located in the special areas ( sidebar area, footer area ). However, sidebar area takes something about 270px width of your screen. The everage mobile screen width is 500-600px, so it is not comfortable for user to read the main information only on a half of a small screen.
So the mobile version of the theme doesn't show sidebar. But the tablet one does not. So you may disable the mobile version and enable the tablet one using one of the instructions from this topic:

But we don't recommend you to do this anyway because this will be uncomfortable for your site visitors.

Besides, we may advice you to use some of the latest themes from that are released after February 2016. These themes have sidebar widgets kept in the mobile mode, but sidebar is moved under the content part like the footer widget area.

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