Adding the slider to just one interior page

Latest Reply from reesamarchetti at 2013-06-28 11:48:01
How can I install the slider on just one interior page, but not all pages - or is that even possible? I've seen some themes allow this via a short code.
what is your mean of " interior " ?, do you would like have slider on home page and in other pages slider does not show up?

if this is what you want, check this URLs:


I understand this question as I am trying to find the answer myself. By just one interior page, we mean we want to choose only one inner page for the slider to go on.

Selecting "Show slider on inner pages" makes it appear on all the inner pages. We want to select which inner page it goes on. Can it be deleted from the code of the pages we don't want the slider on?

All ideas are appreciated.

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