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Latest Reply from Dave at 2015-08-10 05:31:19
I've created some custom code in the template to allow for a custom drop down selector, but I think I'm missing something. When a customer sends in an email we aren't receiving the option they selected. Here is my code:

Page: Contact form Page Template (feedback.php)

case 'select':
<p><?php echo $detail['ttl']?>: <?php echo ($detail['req']=='required')?'(*)':''?>
<div class='input'><select name='receiving_info' required='true'><option value='Season Tickets'>Season Tickets</option><option value='Suites'>Suites</option><option value='Group Packages'>Group Packages</option><option value='Advertising/Sponsorships'>Advertising/Sponsorships</option><option value='Employment'>Employment</option><option value='Player/Coaching Information'>Player/Coaching Information</option><option value='General Information'>General Information</option></select></div>

Page: administrator.php (inc/administrator.php)

<select name='contactform[<?php echo $key?>][type]' class='tselect'>
<option value='text'<?php echo ($detail['type']=='text')?' selected="selected"':""?>>Text field</option>
<option value='textarea'<?php echo ($detail['type']=='textarea')?' selected="selected"':""?>>Text area</option>
<option value='select'<?php echo ($detail['type']=='select')?' selected="selected"':""?>>Select</option>

I just need to know what I'm missing..

thank you.

Sorry, but we don't provide a support for editing themes for individual users.

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