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Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-01-24 08:27:38
I woke up this morning to see my site was messed up saying I had removed the footer code. I checked and it was still in bottom.php or footer.php and I don't remember removing it. So I tried to do the right thing here. I hand edited the footer widget and placed the code in there then I went and bought the theme. It's a really nice theme and serves my site well.

Then come the activation problems.
1. You are not allowed to use "localhost". This is a problem. Why not? I get the unsettling feeling that SMT is using this to log in and place an activation file on the server. I cannot confirm this and I would definitely like a well written explanation for this.

2. It never activates. I gave it a try and no matter what I do, the activation code will not work. The activate button presents me with some FTP info boxes. I enter the FTP info and it says "processing" then does nothing.

3. I have emailed support twice today with no response. If I had less knowledge of the inner workings of wordpress, my site would probably have been down all day. It's 4:42pm EST now and I have yet to even get a reply to any of my support emails.

This kind of support is atrocious. If I do not get a solution or reply to this by tomorrow morning, my next call is my bank to reverse charges unless I am given an option for a full refund. It's unacceptable to pay for a product and then have no support after payment claims to enable that feature.

By the AM, I want a response with a solution or at the least I want to start a dialogue with someone in support. I need someone to look into this at a non first level support instance.
If you have any problems with activation, please contact us via In most of cases we need personal information, order numbers and activation keys to help with activation.
Please do not reply to this post because we are not monitoring this topic.

Activation problems will not be solved via forum.

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