activation did not remove the footer link

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I activated the theme and the activation key is showing on the page.
However, when I remove the link at the footer, it shows the error at the top saying, Please return the links to the footer!"
What can I do?
when I initially activate it, it gave me 'forbidden' error as well.

a seperate question,
and why is that return the footer message twice??

please help!!!!

Please email me @
I have same problem. Purchased and activated theme (activation number on ...admin.php?page=activate is shown)
Still footer links are present and if I try to edit footer.php and remove links i have following message:

Please return the links to the footer!
Or purchase free links version of the theme.

Maybe I'm wrong with understanding... maybe editing footer.php isn't way, but i can't see any other way.
Please contact us via In most of cases we need personal information, order numbers and activation keys to help with activation. Activation problems will not be solved via forum.

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