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i have buy this theme for free links theme but after the activation i cant remove the links in the footer. When i remove the site doesnt work.

Any issues, regarding the activation, are resolved via email. Please contact us at

I thought you had to buy the theme to remove the default links? Can someone explain what this activation code and downloading archives thing is? It sounds like if I do this then I can remove the links and add my own. Is this right?
Oh, no. The links are removed after the activation. There is a place in the footer, where you can add your information. You can use it on page Dashboard--> Your Theme -->Layout. The option "Custom Footer Text" replaces the text at the bottom. Also you can add a link , for example:
<a href=>DNS</a>m
How do you get the activation code? Is that given when you purchase the theme?
I am working on changes to the theme locally and the activation code asks for a url. How do I go about changing the footer when I work locally as a staging area?

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