Absurd email problem

Latest Reply from joaomesk at 2012-10-26 05:30:59
When i recieve an email, using your contact form of course, it comes in the name of my server, and when i reply to that email, i am replying to my server email. That means that i am actually sending an email to myself instead of sending an email to the person that matters (the email sender).
If i click on the sender email, i am NOT replying to the email, but instead i am creating a new email. Where is the logic on that?

This is the first time that happens to me on any theme i have tried from diferent companies.
Your themes make a good impression on design and all, but listen, your code isn't the best at all.

I would really like to see your company grow but the problems i am starting to face are absurd. I am still waiting for an answer on how to make the strx float plugin to work, but my guess is that it requires such big changes to the code that you guys wont even try...its a shame because the ideology is there, but the code isnt poetry at all. I am also guessing that if you succeed to make those changes in 1 theme, then you have that problem solved for all themes. They use the same structure, right? In that case, its worth a shot.

Please review your coding procedures before you launch new themes, and just...keep it simple.

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