504 Gateway Time-out when Activation

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As instructed I installed the activated theme on my wordpress and after that I used the key on my dashboard in 'Theme activation'. After using the key, the page will load for 1 minute and then it says "Gateway Timeout 504". I've tried entering the key for 5 times with no succes.
And now it gets worse: Now I am not even able to connect to my website anymore. It almost looks like it's gone or something. Even the FTP folder of my website is not accessible anymore. This is a really bad problem because I might lose customers on this problem.
My friend however can see my website without any problems. So my conclusion is that I am banned from my own website. Is this correct?
Please help me to activate my website (possv.com) and make it go online again. I'm taking financial damage here.
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Please contact us via support@smthemes.com to solve it.

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