Why WordPress Is Still The Best Blogging Platform In 2021

Why WordPress Is Still The Best Blogging Platform In 2021

In recent times, people consider blogging a profession. It has helped lots of bloggers with income generation and visibility. Bloggers now earn more money than they could get from any professional job. It's important to know what to look out for in a blog. As a newbie, you'll need a platform with an easy setup and doesn't need coding expertise. With all this in mind, the goal is to create a blog that will stand the test of time, and you need the best blogging platform for that.

As your blog visitors increase, you may decide to make some changes to your site and add extra features. That's why it's vital to use a flexible blogging platform that gives room for growth. According to a professional SEO company Dallas If you make the wrong choice of a platform, it is very difficult to make a switch later and it can affect your SEO rankings adversely.  

Ultimately, if you don't plan to make money from blogging, it's best to ensure you have the option of doing so in the future. The big question is, which platform offers all these? WordPress started in 2003 and has grown to the level of supporting more than 39% of all websites online.

WordPress allows you to build your blog in a few minutes. This platform is the best option to give you an edge in creating the best platform. With WordPress, you have control of all aspects of your blog. Growing your blog is quite easy as you can add extra features such as paid memberships, forums, etc. So, the money-making ability of WordPress is second to none. Without a doubt, WordPress is and remains the best platform for blogging.

What makes WordPress the top choice for blogging? Here, we'll consider why WordPress remains the best platform for blogging.

Increase in the number of accessible quality themes

WordPress is famous for its quality themes. The number of pieces on WordPress keeps increasing since its introduction. Depending on the blog category, there are different blogging themes already available. You can find themes for anything, from fashion, tech, healthcare; the list is endless. Some of these are free yet have fantastic design and diverse functionalities. Premium themes are also available that offer better value for money.

Plugins Got Better

One of the striking features of WordPress is its unique plugins. Plugins are attractive and help in business websites and blog creation. WordPress keeps adding more plugins to keep up with the trend in the online space. You have unlimited access to more than 58,000 plugins for free. There are different kinds of plugins available to upgrade your blog to the next stage. With all these resources for free, it is no surprise why people choose WordPress. For instance, Yoast SEO Plugin helps local businesses and bloggers in optimizing their websites for search engines by building their structured data graph. Getting help with affordable SEO services for small businesses is the best option for you if you want to optimize your WordPress website locally.

Customization to your specification

Another reason why WordPress is the best blogging platform is its user-friendliness. That's to say, you don't need technical know-how to design and edit your website anyhow you choose. You can decide to change your post layout on your blog, form a forum, add widgets suitable for your blog, or whatnot. The feature enables ease of design and customization with an improved page customizer. You should add new features as your business thrives. It's pretty easy to do it yourself if you watch some tutorial videos on YouTube.

Search Engine Visibility

For the success of your website, it should have a high ranking on search engines. People often spend lots of dollars to get a better ranking by hiring Dallas SEO expert to optimize their site. Yet, a website in WordPress has good value for SEO. Quality premium themes increase your chances of ranking on the search engine’s first page. Besides that, SEO plugins will boost your page ranking and enable you to do on-page SEO yourself. This landmark is another reason why people love WordPress for blogging.

Making Money Online

Everyone who creates a blog does that to earn money, and there's no doubt about that. Other platforms don't present the same avenues; thus, monetization is tricky as it can get. You may not get the opportunity to place ad segments at the strategic position so you can get more clicks. Your AdSense may get canceled if you use third-party links together with your website. WordPress allows you to do anything you want seamlessly. You can place ads anywhere and even cloak affiliate links to make them undetectable by search engine crawlers. Your chances of generating income increase. Professional bloggers see it as a fundamental reason why WordPress remains the best platform for blogging.

Social media sites make your blog popular; thus, you should maximize its potential for income generation. That's another area where WordPress is outstanding.

WordPress contains the best set of profile integration and social media sharing plugins. Visitors to your site can see your social media activities and share, like or follow you. Through this, the number of your followers will grow.

Analytics Are Vital

No platform does analytics for your website better than WordPress. It contains advanced tools with detailed analytics that help you understand your audience. You will achieve more conversion with targeted ads. In the long run, you will get better impressions and more views.

Security Is A Priority

In the online world, a lot of hacks are obtainable. Once your blog gains popularity, it may attract hackers to you. WordPress is very secure with constant upgrades, so hackers can't access your website. Any attempt to hack your website or cause malice will get notified, and immediate action will follow.  

Many upgraded plugins are available to install and protect your website further. It also allows you to backup your website to guide against total breakdown or heavy damages. WordPress's stringent security setup and measures are extra reasons to choose it as your ideal blogging platform.

Additional Resource For Website Developers

When you need to make a website, it can be hard to find the perfect one. You can try Smthemes for different types and styles that will give your site some personality. Usually, bloggers are not coding savvy and are not professional developers so pre-build themes on SMThemes can help you with quality templates and easy-to-use options.

A website is like a home, and it needs to be dressed up in the appropriate style. Your site will never look as professional or attractive without some design help and professional website support.

Bottom line

You'll agree without a doubt that WordPress remains the best platform for your blog in 2021. To start blogging with WordPress you need to buy a hosting plan and you can start immediately. Enjoy a fantastic blogging experience. Design your blog, choose a theme for it, install plugins and widgets, and you're good to go. You can start blogging immediately.
steave shawn 2 years ago
WordPress is best blogging platform to make money. Newbies will find WordPress to be one of the most user-friendly blogging platforms. WordPress requires very little (if any) coding, so if the acronyms "HTML" and "CSS" scare the living daylights out of you, this is a fantastic alternative. It has easy-to-use cms that can be used by everyone.
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