Why Cloud Hosting has become the preferred choice for Startups

Why Cloud Hosting has become the preferred choice for Startups

Technological advancement has opened the doors to new business opportunities. Many young entrepreneurs are grabbing this opportunity with both hands to become the coveted ‘Unicorn’ in the startup landscape. Having said this, technology has also made online presence of an enterprise mandatory, if we can use that term with liberty. Which bring us to the question: Which is the best website hosting solution for a startup?

Web hosting for Startups

When an enterprise is in the startup phase, it has certain requirements and limitations. While budget is an obvious constraint, the need to be able to scale up or down, depending on the market response, is paramount. Also, as a new brand, a startup would want to have zero or negligible downtime. In simple words, a startup needs to ensure that its website’s performance lives up to the basic standards set by larger corporations within minimum budget, so that prospective clients consider them to be a force to reckon with.

Why Cloud Hosting and Startups are inseparable

In Cloud Hosting, multiple servers which are connected virtually work in tandem to ensure optimum performance of the website. As the resources needed to host the website are divided across multiple servers, there is no single point of failure making Cloud Hosting very reliable. Among the range of features and benefits offered, the following can help most startups the best:

  1. Maximum Uptime: With regular data backups, solid data redundancy design, failover and support, Cloud Hosting services offer up to 99.9% uptime for websites. This is a must for startups since every single site visitor needs to be engaged and the website must be available whenever the visit happens.
  2. Scalability: With startups, it is very difficult to estimate the speed with which the business will grow. A web hosting plan that provides scalability to accommodate sudden peaks in traffic (seasonal or otherwise) ensures that you are always success-ready.
  3. Security: Cloud Hosting is more secured as there are multiple layers of security and data distribution and decentralization makes it even more difficult to hack into your website’s data. 
  4. Speed: The entire website data is divided and distributed across multiple servers. When a visitor access the website, an algorithm selects the most optimum way of displaying the website leading to better performance of the same. Also, it doesn’t take a developer to realize that with no dependency on a single web server and data being spread across servers in different locations, Cloud hosting invariably increases the load time of a website.
  5. Cost: Cloud Hosting plans are usually less costly than Dedicated or VPS plans, but provide high level of scalability and performance. There are also certain Cloud Hosting providers who offer the ability to pay for what you use. Which means only pay for the hosting resources you use and thus be in complete control of your hosting bills. Check out this post to know more about Cloud Hosting affordability. 

Startups need to focus the majority of their time and resources into innovation and business expansion. Moreover, the scale at which startups may grow is highly volatile and your hosting needs to be exually flexiable. Which is why, as a startup these four benefits offered by Cloud Hosting along with a plethora of other features ensures that you no longer need to worry about the performance of your website and can focus your time and energy on growing your business.

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