Why Blogging About Gaming Is Such Big Business

Why Blogging About Gaming Is Such Big Business

Gaming is a booming industry, with over 1 million video games available today. Gaming bloggers can write about anything, from 80s retro games to the latest Far Cry release. These blogs can gain huge cult followings from die-hard game fans and represent a continually growing field of interest online today. Here’s why blogging about gaming is such a big business in 2020.

Readily Accessible Fanbase

When starting your gaming blog, you may already be part of the fanbase you’re trying to appeal to. You’ll know what to blog about because you’d seek out the same topics yourself to get to the next stage of your game. Some gaming vloggers earnt over $10 million in 2018 alone, by running walkthroughs of the game online. Gamers are continually browsing online to find the latest advice, cheats, or tips for their game of choice.

It’s Easy To Pick Your Niche

There are multiple games and consoles spanning decades, so it's incredibly easy to find your niche in gaming. Whether you’re a fan of Zork or Zelda, you’re bound to find a niche, along with a core fan base you can appeal to. You can write about the games you already find interesting, making it even easier to create engaging and authentic content. As gaming is popular across many ages and demographics, you can also write it from your unique perspective and still appeal to a target audience that’s a similar type of gamer to you.

People Genuinely Need Advice

You might be an avid player of your 500GB Sony PS4, but no one is an expert in every game. Most gamers read blogs to read reviews or find out how to solve specific parts of a game. The gaming blogosphere is full of every gamer type, from newbie to veteran, all seeking advice on how to get the best out of their gaming experience. People genuinely need help, and the clearer and more honest your reviews and advice become, the better the reception you’ll get.

People Want You To Review Their Products

The video game industry hit the $120 million mark in 2019, and with a saturated market, even the titans of gaming like Nintendo benefit from getting people to review their products. While any gaming blogger can pick up a controller and review a game, as your gaming blog gains more popularity you may be sent games for free so that you can review company products and give your honest verdict.

The Gaming Community Is Extensive

With multiplayer online games booming over the past five years, many players have their gaming communities which they use to play online together. As your gaming community starts to explore the world of blogging, you may find that your community expands beyond the game and into a network of bloggers to collaborate with.

The gaming industry is the healthiest it has ever been, and with it, many bloggers are also finding their opportunity to make money. Why not start your gaming blog, and see where reviewing your favorite games take you this year?

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