What Should You Spend On SEO For A Personal Injury Law Firm?

What Should You Spend On SEO For A Personal Injury Law Firm?
Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing is a distinctive challenge when compared to other marketing for other industries and practices. A personal injury marketing strategy greatly differs from other focuses like business law, criminal defense, and divorce law. If your personal injury law firm does not appear high enough on search engine results, then you are missing countless activities to turn potential clients into sales for the company. This means that your firm must have a prominent presence within search engines to improve your online reputation while increasing the client base.

You Get What You Pay For

While this may sound complicated, there is specific search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that you can implement or pay an agency to help market your firm. These include:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising platform on Google that lists your website when a potential client performs a search in your local area for a personal injury law firm. Google AdWords is a great source of clients but costs money per click which can add to your SEO spending. The good news is it delivers a high return-on-investment and the traffic it generates are clients ready to hire a firm. Google AdWords tends to be a faster return-on-investment than most Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing strategies.

High-Quality Content

Content is king and one of the strongest pillars of SEO. Therefore, a major part of any Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing plan is to fill your website with well-written, relevant, and lengthy articles about various personal injury law-related topics. This content must include blog articles, photos, and videos. Practice pages are an excellent way to showcase the types of cases your firm manages with one case per page. For instance, include one page on motor vehicle accidents, one page on injuries, one page on industrial accidents, etc.

The idea is that with each dedicated page, your website will rank better in Google because of the specific terms. On the other hand, if you opt for only a single page listing all cases your firm manages then Google does not view your website as authoritative.

Implement Link Building

Implementing a link building strategy is a simple SEO concept that involves getting websites to link to your page or site. Google strongly favors the quality and quantity of links from other sites because that usually means you are an authority on a subject. For instance, if a personal injury law firm has many links coming from authoritative websites then Google translates the site as being of high quality thus ranking it higher. Note, one highly trusted link is more valuable than hundreds of low-quality links.

Responsive Design

Smartphones and other mobile devices are utilized by more potential clients than a desktop or laptop. Therefore, your website must utilize responsive design which means it can be viewed on any device without losing the formatting. By utilizing responsive design, you are optimizing your personal injury law firm website for mobile searches. This means that online content must be easy to scan and read whether on a computer screen or cell phone. Mobile SEO has become just as important as desktop SEO.

If you decide to work with an SEO expert, then this should be a priority. The dimensions of the site must automatically adapt to the device with which it is being viewed. The idea is to not create two different websites, one for mobile and one for desktop, as that can become expensive. Instead, implement responsive design so your personal injury website looks beautiful on all devices.

What Should You Expect to Spend on SEO?

Based on these numerous SEO techniques to drive more traffic to your website, the answer to this question is complicated. It depends on numerous factors including:

  • Hiring a professional content writer who implements SEO tactics into the content.
  • Hiring a videographer to create high-quality video content.
  • Utilizing an agency to manage your website with regular SEO updates.
  • Use of PPC as an advertising platform.
  • Whether an agency

The alternative is to do the first three yourself or hire an in-house marketing expert to implement these ideas. Commonly hiring an in-house employee tends to be more expensive because you must pay for salary, bonuses, raises, healthcare paid vacation time, and other perks whereas hiring an agency is a flat fee with access to multiple SEO professionals.

With so many factors impacting the cost, it is difficult to directly answer this question. However, SEO should cost between $2,000 to $10,000 per month for law firms depending on the requested services and the depth of management you want the agency to handle. The location also can play a role in the cost in large cities being more expensive than in small towns.

Working with an agency to implement these mentioned points will cost you money. However, it will free up your time to focus on the legal aspect of the firm while still receiving an excellent return on investment. With the increased traffic to your site, you will start to see a growth in the number of clients quickly after implementation. In any case, ensuring these SEO tactics are utilized on your website and in your content should be part of your Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing strategy.

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