What Should You Spend On SEO For A Bankruptcy Law Firm?

What Should You Spend On SEO For A Bankruptcy Law Firm?

According to Internet statistics, around 70-percent of users skip over advertisements and click on organic search engine listings, which are the results found in the non-paid listings and maps section, directly below the actual map. Therefore, it is important to target this demographic by ensuring your website is beautiful and functional, the content is intriguing and engaging, you implement search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and you promote the website so search engines see it as an authoritative source.

While these tips are easier said than done, it essential to implement various forms of marketing for bankruptcy law firms which can be difficult to do in-house due to the number of resources required. Your next logical question is, what should I spend on SEO for my bankruptcy law firm? Keep reading to learn the answer to this pressing question!

SEO Best Practices

The previously mentioned points are the most common SEO best practices to ensure you rank highly in search engines. While all search engines have different algorithms, the gold industry standard is Google since it boasts the greatest number of users and searches among all options. The following goes into more SEO detail when hiring an expert.

Beautiful and Functional Website

The bottom line is if you do not have a beautiful, functional, and fast-loading website, visitors will leave quickly and are unlikely to return. This is known as the bounce rate and a high bounce rate is noted by Google during search engine rankings. Your goal is to have users remain on your website for as long as possible since it indicates that the visitor has found the information for which they were searching.

Intriguing and Engaging Content

The two categories of intriguing and engaging content are practice areas and supportive. Practice area content is included on pages that utilize your high-converting keywords and is a common concept when marketing for bankruptcy law firms. For instance, a high-converting phrase like ‘bankruptcy lawyer’ would have practice area content written around the term. The key to this execution is searching for what pages rank for your target phrases and make your page better.

Supportive pages are important because many users are searching for answers to questions before looking for a bankruptcy law firm. Therefore, supportive pages help them from the information they need while familiarizing them with your firm. Supportive pages also make your firm look like an authority on a topic. For instance, if you only have a single page of content on your website covering bankruptcy topics, your competition will rank higher since they are a more comprehensive resource in the eyes of Google.

SEO Techniques

While there are numerous methods of integrating SEO concepts into on your website, the most important include:

  • Alt tags – Some sites are legally required to have alt tags to inform the visually impaired about the content of the photo.
  • Backlinking – Using credible backlinks with relevant anchor text helps make your site an authoritative source.
  • HTTPS – Part of the Google algorithm looks at the security of every site, so an https proves your website is safe to visit.
  • Meta Description – The meta description appears on the search results page so using keywords in this section helps users find your site easier.
  • Page Title – The page title appears in bold in the search engine results so including your primary keyword is crucial to easily find you.
  • Speedy Site – Ensuring your site is fast loading is crucial to keep the attention of your audience. This means compressing images and embedding videos instead of hosting them on your site.

What Amount Should be Spent on SEO?

This is a loaded question because all marketing for bankruptcy law firms differs on an individual basis. However, there are three main steps to determine the amount that best fits the size of your firm. These include:

Step One: Determine Your Digital Marketing Budget

Planning your digital marketing strategy is crucial to success and part of that strategy is developing a budget. When you have determined a reasonable budget, it is important to determine what percentage of that budget will be devoted to SEO. This is critical because if you are spending considerable time generating content and optimizing pages but are using the wrong keywords, your business will take a hit.

Step Two: Investigate Hiring a Marketing Company

Once you have your budget set, you must decide if you want to hire a marketing company to manage your SEO. While there are pros and cons to hiring a marketing company versus hiring someone in-house, hiring an agency tends to be less expensive since there is no need to pay for a salary, bonuses, vacation time, benefits, etc. Depending on the amount of content needed, size of your site, and other requirements, you could pay between $500 and $10,000 per month for SEO.

Step Three: Balance Your SEO Budget with Other Digital Marketing Tasks

Other aspects of marketing must be considered including email marketing, social media, advertisements, campaigns, affiliate marketing, and paid search marketing. Therefore, it is important to balance your SEO budget with these other requirements. This decision is part of your digital marketing strategy.
SEO is a crucial step to ensure your website is noticed over the competition. Therefore, determining the right amount to budget compared to the other marketing functions is essential to success.
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