What goes on in the mind of the cyber pirate?

What goes on in the mind of the cyber pirate?

We have all heard about the brave stories of pirates sailing their ships and looking for treasures. Nowadays, a pirate does not need to set food on a ship to steal. Nevertheless, cyber piracy has cost businesses owners lots of money. Not only small businesses or companies are victims of looting other people’s online belongings. Since the growth of the internet, economists have shown us that the impact of online piracy is actually measurable in the economy of countries. Reason enough to have a better understanding of this modern way of piracy. Do you want to know more? We will tell you everything there is to know.

Online piracy motivations

Pirate hacking is mainly the stealing of content or products of the rightful owner and then sell it to earn money with in. This can of course be a product, but it might as well be some sort of content that you have a patent to. Internationally, people pay patent for their innovations and ideas. A patent for just one country, logically, doesn’t cost as much as a patent for Europe or international. If you apply for a patent, you would have to go through a process. This might take some time.  A gray area in piracy is the sharing of music and videos with platforms where there is only one receiving end. Although this is in fact seen as stealing, it is less frowned upon.  

Some people see cyber piracy as some sort of right. They believe that, with the world becoming more digital, there should be more access and freedom in the online world. If someone sells red sneakers for 10 dollar and a cyber pirate finds out where to buy them and sells them for 5 dollars, this can also be seen as freedom of the market. Whatever philosophical reasons the pirate might have, cyberattacks on intellectual property is still a criminal act. 

DMCA protection 

Have you ever heard of DMCA takedown processes? With DMCA you protect your digital content against infringements and piracy. After all, you don’t want your products on other people’s websites. That’s why people make use of a copyright protection program. With DMCA software, the rightful owner of products can send a notice to the service provider that is selling the product. With this notice, people most likely choose to delete the product. 

That having said, a DMCA takedown service goes further than just sending notes. Using the newest software, you can rest assured knowing that you have 24/7 automatic monitoring, but also real time statistics and weekly reports. Luckily, there is a DMCA takedown service for every branch. From e-learning content to influencers, there is a way to avoid piracy.   

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