What Are Push Notifications And Why One Should Prefer It

What Are Push Notifications And Why One Should Prefer It

The Concept Of Push Notifications

Push Notifications as the name suggests are forced messages that are sent out from apps that are already installed on mobile devices. These notifications alert the users and wake up the screen (whether it is on or locked) to make them aware of the messages they got. These are enormously used on all the smartphones to share and update information with the users even when they are not active on that application.

Generally, push notifications are used to make users apprised of different day to day activities like:

  • To get news & sports scores right on their devices even after the screen is locked.
  • Easy to get several utility messages such as weather, traffic and snow fall reports on time.
  • Check flight change and connectivity information.

Implementation of Push Notifications By App Publishers:

In the context of app publishing or mobile app marketing, push notifications are the direct mediums to communicate with app users. An added advantage of push notifications is these don’t get in spams or buried in the inbox. Rather, due to their instant wake up feature, these maximize the chances of getting increased click-through rates for the associated app. App publishers who have adopted this technique can also remind users to use the app through promotional push notifications. Moreover, app marketers are now implementing this strategy to drive actions. For instance:

  1. To get improved user experience
  2. Products or offers promotion to boost sales
  3. Convert general audience into paid customers
  4. Sending transactional messages
  5. Through CTA, drive customers to another platform

Earlier, push notifications were introduced to make users aware of important information. But now, these have become a crucial source of app marketing for marketers. Even, app developers keep this on priority and include it to their web & mobile app development strategy. They also use it to publicize their apps among new users. There are various advantages of push notifications when it comes to providing app publishing benefits to app marketers.

Explore The Significance Of Push Notifications

Faster way to attract users

There is no doubt that push notifications are the fastest mode of communication as these appear on users’ screens within a second. Attracting new users and converting them into leads is not so easy. But with push notifications, you don’t need to force your visitors rather, they only need to opt-in for push notifications for your app. There is no need to input personal information which users are worried about. It is not only fast but also a safe mode to fascinate customers.

Throw notifications in screen off mode

It is true! There is no need that users consistently browse your app or be active on that to receive the notifications. Users will receive push notifications even when they are not currently using that app. An alert message will blink on the off-screen for the notification they get. All they need is to keep their mobile devices switch on to get immediate push notifications. This prove to be a great way to drive new customers to your mobile app.

Enhance returning traffic to your app

Generally, people browse a website or app for a reason. They might look for domain or information that they think will gain from your app. So, when they come to your launched app, convince them to subscribe for push notifications regardless of thinking that they are interested in your product or not. When you send them regular notifications related to your promotional services, you are ultimately increasing the chances of getting them back to your app or website.

Enhance click-through rates & responses

Push notifications generally attain a high ratio of view and click-through rates as they get instantly received by users on their screens. One thing which is more important is, no one discards these notifications. Post comparison, it is observed that push notifications get more clicks & views than promotional emails. Being an app marketer, you can use this strategy to obtain improved app promotion results.

Wrapping Up:

Sending push notifications is a great way of reminding users of your existing app. This surely provides wide reach across the web. With a high click-through and conversion rates, it is considered as a market converter tool which significantly increases download rates of an app. Avoiding the rumors that push notifications distract users from doing anything, you should focus on its advantages. Definitely, you will get favorable results.

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