Website Design Tips For Beginners

Website Design Tips For Beginners

Designing a website for your business or to promote yourself means that you’re ready to get in touch with the rest of the world.  The internet gives you access to an almost unfathomable audience, but you have to know how to craft a design that is seen. 

Due to the infinite nature of the web, you have to find a way to stand out.  Design has everything to do with visibility.  Take a moment to read about a few web design tips that will help you build a solid foundation for your build, and get to work building a great website today.

Make navigation clear and simple

One of the most basic elements of a great website design is that the site is easy to explore.  You want users to know how to find the information they seek as soon as they land on your homepage.  A stationary navigation bar is the easiest way to attain this goal.

People understand how a stationary navigation setup works, because it’s so widely used.  This home and car loan site offers a perfect example of the movement offered by this sort of navigation design.

Always offer communication opportunities

Your website needs several communication opportunities built into the design.  A “Contact Us” page is essential, but your website needs more than just one central communication opportunity.

Add other communication opportunities throughout the pages of your website design, and couple them with a compelling call to action.  Consider offering a special free gift for those willing to sign up for your email mailing list.

Learn the concepts of SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  Optimizing your standing with the web’s most popular search engines works wonders for your visibility online. 

If you want to build a website that really makes an impact online, then you’ll want to learn everything you can absorb under the umbrella term SEO.  Learn how to be first in the search results when users search relevant terms.

Build a site that is aesthetically satisfying

The look of your website matters.  A super cluttered and busy design can drive people away from your pages.  A simple design with high caliber photos, simple videos, and a great color scheme will draw extra attention from users.  Take an interest in the psychology of color, and choose the colors and fonts you use within your design wisely. 

Focus on building for speed

A slow-loading site won’t do much to help drive conversions.  Speed is something consumers seek in every realm of business, especially online.

You can use high quality or compressed image files to cut down on loading times.  Overall, make sure you design your pages for speed, and take the time to test your site on a regular basis. 

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