Web Design Trends 2021

Web Design Trends 2021
In web design, trends change quickly. Every year, each season brings with it new exciting solutions and challenging experiments. Learn about the hottest trends for 2021 from this post.

Web Design Trends to Follow in 2021

Whether you work in a website designer San Francisco or run your own small business as a freelancer, you need to be up to date on the latest discoveries and freshest trends in web design.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism is still one of the main trends in web design. So if the site you are designing is aimed at solving specific tasks for the users, it is better to focus on improving the quality of the website and not on some decorative elements. This is primarily suitable for websites for banks, financial institutions, investment sites, medical institutions, etc.

2. Typography as a Central Design Element

Currently, many designers are striving to make typography a central element of design, which in principle is justified since the text serves as the primary means of communication on the Internet and provides a lot of space for creativity, especially when you need to transfer a lot of information. From this video, you can learn more about the role of typography in website design.

3. Easy Page Scrolling

This does not mean how physically difficult it will be to scroll through the page, but how intuitively your view will follow the flow of information on it. The design of the web page should have intuitive points, anchors that will lead your eyes on or, conversely, stop. Web design agencies with experience solve this problem; for example, by creating a single background space where each element will be combined with a previous one, picking up the bending of lines, etc. Easy scrolling can also be achieved using animation when each subsequent element that the user must see will appear after the previous one.

4. Animation

Animations are an undeniably bright and eye-catching trend in web design in 2020 and 2021. If the animation is professional, then, of course, it will form a positive response from users. But there are drawbacks - the large weight of the animation coupled with a poor Internet connection can scare away users who do not want to wait long. The animation built into the site design makes sense when you are developing a demo promo page or portfolio site. But then it’s better to embed a preloader (preloader) on such a site, which will allow the page to first fully load all the necessary elements and then show the content.

5. Semi-Flat Design

The trend includes the dilution of the usual flat design for use with shadows, which creates additional volume but does not violate the concept of minimalism.

6. Duplex Colors

The trend of 2020 and 2021 in web design has been the use of two colors in the design of the entire site, which makes it incredibly stylish. Try to combine different colors and see how their symbols help you better express your idea. It’s a well-known fact that a good choice of colors for the main page of a website or application can increase sales and increase conversions two-fold.

7. Vivid Colors and Their Combinations

This trend came to us in 2018 and had every chance to stay in the web design industry for a long time. Color solutions and their bold combinations coupled with the psychological aspects of using certain shades can form the necessary reaction among users, which will positively affect conversion, sales, and the general perception of the brand as a whole.

8. Illustrations

They are everywhere and simply attacking the Internet space. This trend in web design came together in flat design and is gaining more and more space. And now it’s not just icons, but characters, backgrounds, and the full design of the site’s pages. Everyone seems to love this cartoonish touch that only illustrations and vector graphics can give.

9. Photographs

The combination of illustrations and photographs is a popular trend today. Such a photo will not go unnoticed by your users. Apply it every time you need to give customers instructions. Well-made infographics that combine photographs and a more personalized graphic touch create an emotional connection with your product and make complicated explanations more user-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the trends will help you to keep up with other professionals in your field. However, by itself, following these principles does not guarantee that your design will suit the business goals of the product. Educate yourself about powerful tools and techniques for efficient web design, and these trends will be a nice addition to using the best design practices.

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