Web Design And Web Development: Knowing Their Uses

Web Design And Web Development: Knowing Their Uses

The evolution of web design and development was very quick compared to many other industries. Since the dawn of the internet, web designing, and development were the core key elements that pushed it towards what we know today. Their importance led to putting them on a high rank among careers as they became one of the top-paying professions available worldwide. It was easy to discern the difference between web designing and web development in the early days of the internet since developers coded and designers designed, but the situation has gotten more complex over the years with crossovers between the two industries.

We’ll be presenting you with the uses and functions of both web design and web development.

Web Designers

The simple answer to what web designing is: creating an aesthetically pleasing website that people like to use. The tools used to design a website include visual elements like Photoshop. Web designers use HTML and CSS coding languages to design their websites. Not all web designers are alike; there are differences in what web designers are capable of.

UX Designer

User experience (UX) designer is the one responsible for the interaction between a visitor and your website. The latest popular UX tool is AMP that Google introduced a couple of years ago and is implemented by UX designers. They handle the creation pages with fast loading speed through integrating AMP to the code of the website. Their specialty is creating a website that is fast and smooth for the target audience while making it easy to navigate. Their job is amongst the most important as it can easily make or break a website since visitors aren’t going to visit your website if they don’t get a smooth experience.

UI Designer

A user interface designer understands the complexities behind ideas and finds ways to implement them so they could be used efficiently by visitors. The line between UI and UX designers can get a bit blurry as it’s possible now for web designers to do both specialties for a more inclusive experience. The main discernible difference between them is that UX focuses on creating and coding a solid foundation while the UI is mainly about the aesthetic appeal of the website after the foundation is built.

Visual Designer

Visual designers are web designers who have mastered both the specialties of UI and UX designing. They should have good coding skills under their belt in addition to a talent for design to create beautiful designs, in addition to solving numerous design issues. Their roles are flexible, and they can single-handedly create a small website that can do the job.

Web Developers

Web developers handle the more technical aspects of creating a website; they even handle the core concepts and foundations that the website is built upon. Developers use various languages, including the most popular JavaScript and jQuery to create the framework of the website. Their target isn’t aesthetic, but it’s rather practicality and utilization of website applications. Similar to designers, developers have different roles that they can specialize in

Back-End Developer

The backend of a website is the most technical part which requires a lot of expertise in programming and coding. The most common coding languages used are Java, SQL, and C#. It’s called backend because visitors to the website are unable to see their work since it resides in servers and databases. Their core mission is building websites that are smooth with no technical hiccups to make the jobs of other developers and designers easier. A big portion of their time is spent on testing and fixing bugs.

Front-End Developer

Front-end is also referred to as client-side as it’s related to web design and the website’s outer layer. It uses languages that are also often used by web design like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. This means that the front-end developer’s creations are visible to visitors of the website. They are proficient in the languages they use just like backend developers, but the main difference is that what they built can be interacted with by users.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer uses stacks, layers that span the website’s backend and front-end code, to design websites. They are a jack of all trades when it comes to web development and they can single-handedly handle the creation of the technical side of the website without help from outside as they are quite skilled in both areas.

Web designing and web development are two great careers that are potential gold mines for those who become experts in. You should choose which side you’d like to work with based on what interests you rather than the payment since they come pretty close in terms of salary ranges.
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