Tricks For Using Google Webmaster Tool To Improve SEO

Tricks For Using Google Webmaster Tool To Improve SEO

Right now, Google webmaster must be the most useful tools for SEO. The best thing about this tool is it’s free. As this tool is offered by Google, it can offer a lot of insights about your website, which can help the Edkent Media Digital Marketing managers to improve the ranking. If you are a website owner and still not using this tool, then you are surely missing some really interesting things out.

Let’s read the following section of this article to find out about the features of this tool that are essential and can help you to improve your Google ranking.

Google Notifications

Google has developed the webmaster tool to communicate with the webmasters, the owners of the websites, more effectively. Since the volume of webmasters make it impossible for Google to have a one to one chat, the tool works as the medium to convey the necessary information about your website from Google.

If you are using this tool, Google can send you a notification if and when your website gets into trouble. For example, if your server gets suddenly down or your website gets affected by malware, the webmaster tool can send you notifications about it. To enable this feature, you just have to go to the settings and enable the webmaster notifications for your site.

Knowledge about Target Audience

Just consider that you have a .net or .com domain but your target audiences are searching for your site from the UK. To make sure that your target audience can find your site, you have to use the site settings in the webmaster tool to inform Google about the target users of your website. Just select the target users and choose the name of your preferred country as your destination.

Set Your Preferred Domain

In the site setting section of the webmaster tool, you also get the option to let Google know whether the search engine should use the WWW version or the non-WWW version of your domain. However, Edkent Media Digital Marketing managers point out that you need to have both these domains verified with your account.

If you do have that, then Google webmaster will make sure that Google will treat your non-WWW domain in the same way it treats the WWW ones.

Identify The Keywords

After Google has removed the keywords data from Google analytics, the Google webmaster tool has become one of the most used tools for checking the analytics of the keywords. The search queries feature of Google webmaster helps you to spot the changes in your traffic. The tool informs you about the keywords that made our website appear on Google search results. It also helps you to check the impression, see the CTR results, and check the clicks you get for the keyword.

The experienced SEO experts think that it is one of the extremely valuable features of the webmaster tool that can help you to create a successful SEO campaign for a long time. The beginners can use the data to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your site and help you to make changes accordingly.

However, you should know that the search query data of Google webmaster is available for only the searches for the past 90 days. So, if you want to have keywords data that ranges more than 3 months, you should download the data on a monthly basis.

Keeping Track of The Incoming Link

Knowing the number of links that send people to your website is essential for you for many reasons. It will help you to get a clear idea about the websites that link to you. You will be aware of the terms they use to create that link. With the help of the data provided by the webmaster tool of Google, you can identify the bad links of the website that are required to be removed.

Keep it in mind that the data offered for the incoming links are not historical. You cannot go back and check the link status on your webmaster tool whenever you wish. That means you have to keep this data in an excel sheet for statistical purposes.

Checking about Manual Penalty

There are two types of penalties that Google implement on the websites. The first one is the manual penalty. This means that the quality analysis team checks a website and decides about imposing a penalty. In such cases, you have to file a reconsideration request to remove the penalty from your site. After you make this request, another person from the quality team of Google will review your site and decide whether the penalty should be removed or not.

The second type of penalty is an algorithmic penalty. This means your website has violated one or more rules of the ranking algorithm. To lift this penalty off, you have to find out the cause and take corrective actions.

There is no doubt that Google webmaster tool can offer you different useful information to help you get a better rank. Even if you are not a professional like Edkent Media Digital Marketing managers, you can still dig into this tool to find out what Google knows about your website. 

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