Top 5 Video Content Strategies to Help You Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Top 5 Video Content Strategies to Help You Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Creating effective video content is a powerful medium of storytelling, and can have a huge impact on your marketing campaigns and the success of your business. It’s also a great way to connect with your audience and build a successful relationship with them. 

Videos are an important part of your marketing strategy. Here are a few statistics to prove that:

Video content strategy enables businesses to create an authentic and more approachable brand and reach a wider audience. So, if you want to grow your brand, improve your conversion rates, and increase your presence in the market - you need to step up your game and boost your video content strategies.

In this post, you’ll find video content strategies that will help you to improve marketing strategy and enhance engagement with your target audience. Let’s take a look. 

1. Quickly grab the attention of your audience

Nowadays, the attention span of internet users is shorter than ever. They are not very patient, and they focus on finding the best available content. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if people skip watching your video because they don’t find it interesting. 

 The only solution is to catch the attention of users and to do so you only have a few seconds (less than 10 seconds). You can hook your viewers by having a relevant and interesting start to your video. In short, viewers should have a reason to watch your video without jumping over it. 

 2. Add real value to your videos 

Adding real value to your video is one of the most powerful video content strategies. You can add value to your video by keeping users up to date, educating them with specialized knowledge or by offering entertainment. You should always aim towards creating videos that you would want to watch yourself. Remember, if your video is a drag, it’s of no value. 

3. Publish your video to multiple social media platforms

Undoubtedly, the video content strategy is incomplete without YouTube. But by focusing on one platform, you are missing out on other popular channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram. People discover video content on every channel in different ways. Hence, using more platforms will allow you to capture a varied audience of different age groups and interests. Make use of as many channels as possible, but devote the majority of your time to a platform where you are more likely to find your target audience. 

4. Optimize your videos

To watch your video, people must be able to find your video in the first place.  Optimizing your videos is the most crucial for YouTube marketing as it is the second largest search engine after Google. To optimize your video for a social media platform, you need to know about the existing best practices for video content on each channel. Here are a few practices that you can follow to create effective video content for each platform:

  • YouTube: After your video has been launched, at least wait for a period of two weeks to refine your target audience or to make any changes to your video.
  • Facebook: Try to keep your videos short, add captions, and upload them directly on Facebook.
  • Twitter: Keep your videos short, and in order to track results, focus on keywords and the interests of your audience. Also, upload videos directly on Twitter.  

Besides, optimizing your videos on different social media platforms, you even need to optimize them for SEO. For SEO optimization, follow the steps below and create videos that can be easily found by your target audience when they conduct a search on a specific subject.

  • Conduct keyword research for your videos, the same way you would for a blog post
  • Incorporate keywords in the description as well as the title
  • Keep informative and short titles (less than 60 characters)
  • Add a link to your website
  • Make use of tags with a variety of keywords included
  • Create more organic backlinks for your videos
  • Use high-quality and eye-catching thumbnails
  • For your videos to be viewed on mobile devices, optimize them

5. Include a call-to-action 

Including a call to action (CTA) in your video will direct the users towards what next step you want them to take. Without a specific CTA, your viewer would take no further action, even if he/she liked your video. 

If you want further engagement with your audience, then include a powerful and simple approach to your video. If viewers have watched your video till the end, they’ve clearly shown some interest in it, which means you can now grab their attention through CTA (Call to Action).

Here are a few CTA options that you can use at the end of the video to engage with the viewers:

  • Direct viewers to your website
  • Ask a few questions that the viewers can answer in the comment section below
  • Ask your  viewers to connect with on other social media platforms
  • Send your viewers to the landing page
  • Recommend another related video
  • Get them to subscribe to your channel or your newsletter
  • Direct them to view another piece of content

Wrapping Up the Post 

Video has become an essential part of marketing because it can assist in making personal connections with a wider audience. 

If the above-mentioned video content strategies are used correctly, it will give your viewers a chance to get to know your business and form long-term relationships. 

With a number of mobile applications, devices, and famous tools like Renderforest, creating video content has never been easier. You can use Renderforest’s fast, affordable, and easy video making tools to develop an effective video marketing strategy. By devoting little effort and time to follow video content strategies, you can start sharing valuable and meaningful videos with your audience.

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