Tips To Perk Up Your Digital Presence

Tips To Perk Up Your Digital Presence

Building an engaging digital presence is an essential part of running a successful business in the 21st century.  The internet and mobile devices are a constant part of consumers’ daily lives, making the digital realm a great medium for marketing your business.

If you have a business website, you’re off to a good start.  However, there are many different ways to engage people digitally, and you should work to cover all your bases.  Here is a quick breakdown of a few tips to help you perk up your operation’s digital presence.

Develop a mobile app

Developing a mobile app for your business services is a key factor in boosting digital engagement.  A mobile app makes your business more accessible to consumers, and your mobile app will help cultivate customer loyalty.

Customers enjoy the convenience and control offered by a complimentary mobile app.  Don’t hesitate to invest in the development of a clean code for your app, so you don’t spend valuable time working out bugs after it’s launched.

Embrace social media

Social media is another aspect of digital visibility that should be non-negotiable in business.  You need a social media presence.  There are more than 4 billion active users on social media today, and your business cannot afford to miss out on that level of visibility.

Social media provides a fast and inexpensive way for your business to refine its digital approach to marketing.  Keep your social media profiles active and fresh with content, so consumers always know what’s happening with their favorite business.

Claim your Google My Business listing

Google My Business is a free opportunity to make your business more accessible to the public.  All you have to invest to get a Google My Business listing is the time it takes you to set up the profile online.

If you’ve ever made a quick Google search to find a business of interest, then you know the benefits of having a listing.  You want your business to be in the Google “phone book”.

Build your email list

Email marketing is still a very effective way to reach your target audience online.  Don’t stop making efforts to grow your email mailing list.  Use your business website, your social media, and your blog as a platform to gather willing email participants.

Gather email addresses when a purchase is made.  Keep building the connections you have to your consumership, and nurture those connections regularly with special informative emails and deals. 

Refine your content with analytics

Make use of the tools Google offers for businesses, and learn how to benefit from the information provided through Google Analytics.  When you have a clear picture of how users are interacting with your content, you can make informed decisions on updates. 

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