The Warning Signs That Tell You Need an SEO Expert Today!

The Warning Signs That Tell You Need an SEO Expert Today!

As a business person, you must know DIY attitude is not always good. If you want to grow your business big, you need to know the art of delegating. You can start a business as a sole proprietor but a one-man army cannot go too far. As you need accountant or manager or any other help for your business, in the same you require an SEO expert to take care of all your digital marketing needs.

Look for these warning signs that tell, you are already late; now you cannot afford to ignore your requirements for an SEO Expert.

You don’t have a clue about SEO trends – Do you know what the recent developments in SEO market are or what was the latest update in Google algorithm?  No? Then you should immediately start for searching seo pricing & packages offered by SEO experts. The digital market is a very volatile market. It is almost impossible for a person to manage a business (other than SEO marketing) and stay abreast with SEO trends at the same time. So, it is a smart decision to transfer the liability to the expert of the field and focus on your other business responsibilities.  

You have been slapped by a Google penalty – Google penalty is the nightmare for digital marketing. You can be penalized by Google for not conforming to the guidelines or for using black-hat tactics for manipulating your search ranking. And, sometimes you can also get penalized without a fault when your competitors start doing negative SEO for you. As you would hire an attorney when you get sued, you’ll need to hire SEO expert when you get penalized.

You are putting all your effort into content creation – Content is unarguably the King of SEO but it is not the only thing. It is really good if you pay attention to creating quality content. But, you need to be doing many things in addition to this. It is said that you should spend 20% of your effort in creating quality content and 80% of the effort in promoting it with SEO techniques. If you don’t know where to put that 80% effort, you surely need to get help from an SEO expert.

You are getting web-traffic from the wrong place – Getting a traffic attracted to your website is not enough you need to get the traffic from the right place. Suppose you are a furniture business based in the US will you be benefited if your web-traffic is coming majorly from the middle-eastern countries? Obviously not! If this happens you surely are putting the effort in the wrong direction. You would like in this case to search for some local SEO packages to develop your brand identity in the area your business actually belongs to.  

You are getting leads but they are not converting – There may be situations when you are getting a huge traffic on your website but you cannot see the relative increase in your sales. You need to hire SEO experts to audit your website and search the pitfall that’s not letting your web traffic to convert into customers.

Don’t ignore these warnings or your online marketing can get into bigger troubles.

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