The Pros and Cons of Designing a Website

The Pros and Cons of Designing a Website

There are many highs and lows to having a website for your business. With more and more businesses getting online, and more and more people using the internet for virtually all the information they need on businesses, it is in your business’s best interests to get online. And yet, to be entirely honest, there are various highs and lows to having a business website. Here are some of the most important from Web Design Fresno.

The Pros

You get to Reach a Wider Audience

This is probably the most obvious advantage of having a website for your business. Because of all the billions of people that are using the World Wide Web, you are bound to reach a good chunk of them if you’re present on the web. No matter what you are offering, you are likely to have something someone out there wants. 

Many of the people you reach on the internet are otherwise unreachable and a website opens them up to you. Even with a local business, your reach could potentially be expanded to the whole world. Not to mention many people search for local businesses online before physically visit them, which is another reason you should build a website for your business.

People can reach you from Anywhere at Anytime

A business website is a place for you to post valuable information about your business. Since it’s online, people will be able to access that information from anywhere on the planet at any time of day.  Optimized contact forms and contact information also allow people to contact you at any time when they have queries about your business. 

It allows you to keep things fresh

A business website that is regularly updated, especially if it has a blog, will give you the opportunity to post fresh and relevant information to keep people visiting your website. By posting relevant articles on your blog you will get more traffic and therefore more potential customers. You can also update your website with any new information about the business. 

Cheaper Publicity and Advertising

This is another great advantage of having a business website. Since these websites are cheap to maintain and have more leverage in terms of the potential attention you could get, they offer cheaper publicity and advertising than more traditional means. You also benefit from viral marketing, which has become a key feature of the online space. 

You get to secure your Brand

It’s important that you secure your brand online before someone else does. This helps you to keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand online. You also get to promote a positive image of your brand online by engaging with your customers and potential customers. 

The Cons

Websites are undoubtedly worth it. But there do exist nightmarish situations which a business owner needs to be aware of and prepared for.

Unreliable and Outdated Information

This mostly happens when you don’t regularly update the information on your website. People will get unreliable information on your website and it will misinform them about what’s really happening with your business. It is therefore important to always keep your business website up to date. For many industries this isn’t a problem - most business owners can keep static content on their sites. But for others such as real estate agents, attorneys, and tech businesses, constant updates are required.


Website crashes are costly. The best case scenario is a simple lapse in payment or an expired credit card. These problems can normally be solved in under 5 minutes and require no professional assistance. However, if the code on your site breaks and causes everything to fall apart, then you’re in for a nightmare.

It can be hard to reach your Target Audience

It’s certainly a good thing that there are so many websites online. It means people can find what they’re looking for more easily. However, it also means that it’s that much harder to reach your target audience. Websites are all competing for coveted positions on search engine pages and it gets harder and harder to get the No.1 Google Search ranking every year. This means that having a website is only a starting point.

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