The Most Essential Elements of an Impressive Graphic Design

The Most Essential Elements of an Impressive Graphic Design

Every successful graphic designing project has been an outcome of the creative stint of the artist or the developer; coupled up with an attempt to provide the right look and feel. The right approach to an impressive graphic designing comes through the blend of striking visual features and the trends in the market, at that point in time. Following the right web design trends in 2017 is a key element to woo your design audience because ‘trending’ is the key to winning their hearts. People want to see and feel the newest practice in whatever online content they consume.

A beautiful design will bring you more audience engagement and more money. Be it logo making, banners, videos, infographics or high-quality websites – you must simply excel in the way you present your content. So, in today’s blog post, we will be telling you about the best guidelines that you must follow for accomplishing your goal of the most impressive graphic design.

It is important for you to have some answers before you actually start working on your new graphic designing project. Study graphic design by answering these questions.

  • Am I completely aware of the client’s requirement? Do I exactly know what the client wants the end result to look like?
  • What are the current market trends and how are they going to have an effect on my current project?
  • Should I suggest the client some changes or is the client self-sufficient with his requirement?
  • What market is the project related to? Should I seek bright elements or stay classy with the choice of contemporary design?
  • Should I go ‘minimalistic’ with the design of this project or better stay with the ‘bold’ culture?
  • How do I plan to utilize the whitespace?
  • Typography is the most important element in the entire designing procedure. How well am I versed with this idea?

If you are aware of the right answers, you are halfway through the project. This checklist will signify your basic preparedness towards winning your deal with the most remarkable graphic design. So, now let’s read on to unfurl the key elements of an awesome graphic design.


As Wikipedia tells, “Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed.” This might be the essence of the definitive term but typography nowadays, has much more soul to it. In fact, a website with a typography driven design is fairly enough to impress users.You can choose to be subtle with the typography style for your graphic design or can leave a bold impression with the use of certain shapes, colors, fonts, pattern, or texture. The right selection of typography will convey the right message to the audience or the immediate client.


Lines are to design what the water is to an ocean. We will assume that you have been playing the ‘lines’ game well with your graphic designing projects. If you have doubts, here are some flags. Lines will help you take users to various segments of your content and they will help you connect the content with the most relatable points. All in all, Lines make the navigation to the content easier and relatable.

Color Essence

Your design is nothing without the right colors. Colors tell people about your website or blog’s aspirations. For example, if you plan to make a website or blog that will feature trending news, choose the colors red, yellow and black wisely. This is just suggestive but as you can see, how the color red is associated with speed. This will be a win-win situation for you and the viewer.

In the same way, your efforts with Branding can be materialized with the right color scheme. The selection of the right colors will wisely place you in the high bar among your target audience.

The right Negative Space

The negative space on your website has an impression of its own. If you chose to use it as a whitespace or just a texture with some color, be decisive. This space exists to draw users to the most important information. So, you can play well with the space to lay more emphasis on the most important parts of the website or the blog.

Shape and Size

We have taken the liberty to bring these two vital elements of graphic designing together in a single pointer. You ask, why? Because when you begin to choose a shape for your graphic design, you are not done until you have fixed the size of its display. Simple thought procedure.

You have three shapes for your usage: Square, Circle, and Triangle. The length and breadth of your project- be it a banner, a logo, an animated video, a website graphics, an art presentation; they will require you to settle on an appealing ratio of these. When we talk about the size, the more importance you wish to allot to a section, the more you experiment with its size.


If your work demands the use of images, this section of the blog post definitely concerns you. Photos, illustrations and infographics will always remain the USP of any online graphic design content. The human brain relates to visuals like nothing else. So, the right images in the right section will make your work more impressive.

Bonus: You can find the best free images here.

Some Tips:

  • Texture: Since we are not talking about 3D printing here, you might wonder why the texture is even an element in this list. Texture drops an impression on the graphic design. With the use of icons, color backgrounds, and other texture elements, you can indeed make the onlooker feel the meaningful usage.
  • Adding a little animation to your graphic design will provide the extra spark and attract the viewer. This can be applied to the designing of an app, a video or a website.
  • Be consistent with the patterns used in your design. Don’t go all bright and bold on the first page of your website and then dip down to blue classics on the next one. This will confuse the audience and break their harmony with your product or content.

To sum up

There are much self-proclaimed graphic design Vedas available online to go through and most of them make sense. But, at the end of the day, it will get tiresome to do everything as per them. Hence, it is important that you crush the entire information into a teeny-tiny list that you can follow every single time.

This comprehensive list of the most important, yet the most basic elements of graphic designing will definitely help you stir your digital realm of art with a positive change. Following this will also ensure that the consistency is maintained throughout the entire project and hence, you will never fail to amaze your client or audience.

If you have something to share when it comes to graphic designing, please feel free to let us know in the comments below because sharing is caring.

About the author: Catherrine Garcia is a passionate blogger and a freelance Web Developer. She along with her group of freelance developers, are experts of creating Websites on CMS.

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