The Importance Of Writing Case Studies In Business To Business Marketing

The Importance Of Writing Case Studies In Business To Business Marketing

A lot of businesses don’t bother writing case studies. Personally, I don’t understand that line of thinking. Why, if you provide superior services and have had many successes in the past, would you not want to share them with your prospective, future clients?

Perhaps there’s something I am missing.

In any case, this article is going to be focused on the importance of writing case studies in B2B marketing and how it can benefit you.

Not convinced? Read on and I’ll share my two-pence…

1. Measure your trajectory

The first benefit is purely for you: leaving a trail of previous case studies behind you can help you measure your trajectory. It allows you to look back over your achievements with genuine ‘evergreen’ content.

A portfolio of previous success stories and memories of all the times you crushed it!

2. Your prospective clients deserve to know what you are capable of

Without case studies any prospective clients who wish to work with you have to (more or less) take your word for it.

Yes, having plenty of five-star reviews and social proof will certainly help, however, if you have limited reviews and zero case studies to show, then you will be asking a lot of your prospects.

The fact is, a case study will clearly demonstrate everything you can and have achieved for your clients – which means you can do it again for your new prospects.

3. Gain a competitive edge

Best case scenario is that you have awesome case studies and some of your competitors do not. This is the key to gaining a competitive advantage and snatching up as many of those clients as possible.

Personally, if I were to be looking for a Miami SEO company to help me promote my business, I’d be on the lookout for someone who has proof of their successes; i.e., Case studies.

If that example Miami SEO company is anything to go by, I’d be hard pressed to find another agency with quite as much evidence of their success.

4. Help prospective clients visualise their own journey

When you have a prospective client who is close, but perhaps not quite ready to take the proverbial plunge, sending them some case studies is a very effective way to give them a little nudge.

This is because in seeing what you have done for other clients, they will be able to visualise their own journey.

“What would my life be like if I got an additional 137% rise in organic traffic through my website?”

5. People love data

Case studies that are filled with data and statistics and delicious numbers are brilliant for establishing authority and trust.

Yes, it’s nice when you see some five-star reviews that say: “These guys are great, we highly recommend them”. However, when you see case studies with real, tangible numbers…well, it hits differently. It fills you with a greater sense of confidence.

Conclusion: Show off your success stories

The pros far outweigh the cons. So, find your super fans and ask them if you can use them as a case study. If you are delivering superior results and your clients love the work that you do for them, then they will surely be more than happy to help you out!

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