The Importance of Businesses Being Online and Creating Brand Awareness

The Importance of Businesses Being Online and Creating Brand Awareness

As our digital world grows and evolves, it is becoming even more apparent that businesses have to stay updated and relevant online. Having an online presence is essential to any business who wants to succeed, especially if you’re offering services or products to customers. 

Being present online can reap major benefits, and even if your company has never been online, you can expect to find both existing and potential customers talking and communicating about your brand online. Not only this, but having a lack of online presence can also hurt your reputation as a company since customers often use this presence as an understanding for your business – ensuring it is always the best it can be is key.

For anyone who is interested in learning the reasons why your business needs to establish an online presence, take a look below. As well as covering the reasons your company should be online, we'll also explain how using online measures you can create more brand awareness and thus become successful in your venture.

1. It makes everything easier for customers trying to contact you

The likes of social media and live chats on websites make your business and brand a lot more appealing to customers. Showing you're reliable and reputable online can often be the decision-maker for customers choosing your brand over a competitor. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram not only show off your brand to potential customers and clients, but they also create a sense of community with your followers. 

Property investment company, RWinvest, have a great way of communicating their brand through social media. However, what makes their communication online even better is the live chat on their website, which is free to use for anyone wanting advice or information on their business and/or services. Having a freely available chat source online is hugely enticing for customers wishing to contact you on their own terms. Plus, it's a lot easier than calling up if you want to talk privately.

2. It showcases your products and services (sometimes for free!)

While there is the possibility that you can do paid social media advertisements or google ads, being present online and showing your brand online is essentially free. If you’re able to create a brand with a good social following, then the products or services simply speak for themselves. Don’t assume that you have to pay to be online like you have to pay for traditional means of marketing such as billboards or TV advertisements. 

3. It allows you to reach more people

Is your product available internationally? Perhaps you're offering a service that could also be offered to international citizens? If so, social media and a website can allow you to reach more people than ever before. The internet is a huge place and nearly every country in the world has access to it. People will be able to find you as easy as Googling a search term and your name popping up. There may be potential customers who haven't ever considered your brand/company before, but because of your online presence, now decide to visit you or enquire. Clothing companies such as ASOS and Boohoo utilise their large social media following to reach new countries, and as they grow internationally, their once small brand is quickly turning into a globally recognised name all because of the internet!

4. It helps to build a strong and reputable brand

Have you ever visited a store or salon after being recommended by a friend or family member? Essentially, having an online presence can become that friendly recommendation for someone. Building a strong and reputable brand will mean more people talk highly of you, and thus customers will come through the door. Trustpilot and Google Reviews reflect a brand a lot so if you find your company name on here, try to ensure the reviews are positive and are accurate too. Customers review you and your company (using their previous personal experience). However, this can be sometimes faked, which can damage the reputation of your business. 

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