The Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

The Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers
WordPress works as a powerful tool that allows people to easily make websites and blogs for their businesses. The creators of WordPress also recognized that they couldn’t fit all the tools needed for every situation, so they allowed people to use plugins on their websites. If you plan to optimize your WordPress site for marketing, then make sure that you get these plugins.


Communication is critical for ecommerce, and customers are looking for consistent, relevant messages regardless of the channel they use. Omnisend offers a plugin for WordPress that allows you to use email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, and more.

Omnisend for WooCommerce (an open source Wordpress ecommerce platform) provides multiple benefits to make your omnichannel marketing easier. For example, as you can see in this image, Omnisend allows you to create your own workflows to send messages to customers. They also provide other features to improve your email marketing while integrating it with your others channels.

  • Create different sign-up pages to collect emails.
  • Send discounts and coupons to subscribers.
  • Access to email templates so that you can build your own email campaign.

By using Omnisend’s plugin, you can easily implement your email marketing into your website and other channels. When you look at it’s benefits, Omnisend for WooCommerce stands out from other omnichannel marketing plugins.


Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a key part of getting more traffic on your website. SEO involves providing keywords and quality content on your website so that you improve your ranking on search engines. The better your ranking, the sooner you appear in search results, which means that you will gain more traffic.

RankMath seeks to assist you with your SEO needs by providing key information to assist you. They do this by giving you multiple tools through this plugin.

  • Allows you to optimize an unlimited number of keywords.
  • Displays important information about Google to help you with SEO.
  • Analyzes your SEO and points out places that you can make improvements.

By utilizing RankMath, you can quickly work on your SEO to help you appear sooner in search engines. This way, you can constantly improve it and adjust your website based on the current search engine algorithms.

Google XML SiteMaps

Google is the most used search engine on the internet, so it makes sense that they would have one of the best WordPress plugins. However, instead of helping you with keyword optimization, this plugin allows you to create a site map that will help your search engine ranking across multiple platforms.
In short, a site map allows you to show search engines the different pages available through your website. From here, you can see their priority, how often you update them, and other key information. This lets you know which pages you need to make changes to so that you can get your website on the front pages of search engines.

When you use Google XML SiteMaps alongside RankMath, you can make the changes needed to improve your search engine ranking. As an added bonus, Google XML SiteMaps is free to use, which makes it an excellent option for small and large businesses. If you plan to include multiple pages on your WordPress site, then you need to get this plugin.


Some marketers may struggle with making their images the right size. For example, you may want to set your images at specific sizes, but you can’t adjust them on your own. Luckily, CheetahO can help you out by providing image customization options to make them perfect for your website.

CheetahO allows you to make plenty of changes to your images: here are some of the key features.

  • Use it to resize 500 images a month for free with the option to purchase more.
  • Compress and optimize images so that your site will load quickly.
  • Optimize your images in bulk.

By taking advantage of CheetahO, you can not only resize your images, but you can compress them so that your site will load faster. If you want the perfect images for your site, then CheetahO will provide you with the tools necessary to make them.

Pixel Caffeine

Since so many people use Facebook, many marketers want to incorporate it into their marketing strategies. With Pixel Caffeine, you can easily track information about Facebook Ads and use it to improve your website. By using this plugin, you can make Facebook Ad tracking easier than ever before.

You can create custom audiences based around different information, as shown here. This way, you can show your Facebook Ads to people based on which group they fall into. Pixel Caffeine provides other features to maximize your Facebook traffic, such as tracking customers based on their product viewing and purchase history or syncing your product catalogue.

In short, Pixel Caffeine allows you to easily keep track of your Facebook Ads and product catalogues. This will allow you to collect data about the people that visit your website as you optimize custom audiences to retain those visitors, and makes Pixel Caffeine a must-have plugin for marketers that use social media.

Final Comments

WordPress plugins can truly take a site to the next level in functionality with little to no development from your end. However, not every plugin is going to be right for every site. Check out this list to get a better idea of what your site needs. As you do so, you can optimize your site, improve your SEO, and stand out from your competition.

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