The 6 Best Resources for WordPress Hosting

The 6 Best Resources for WordPress Hosting

WordPress is by far one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS). Its open source software approach to programming has made it possible for different entities to build themes and online systems around the WordPress framework. If you have been thinking of building a website, then choosing WordPress CMS might be the best option for you.

With WordPress, you can create the most amazing website designs without writing a single line of code. In fact, you don’t need to have any basic knowledge of HTML, CSS or even PHP to create stunning personal or business website. 

Below are 6 resources which you can use to build your website by simply dragging and dropping different modules onto your page. 

1. The Divi Builder

This is one of the best page builders available. The page builder has been developed by Elegant Themes team who are well-known in the WordPress community for coming up with awesome free and paid themes and plugins. This page builder will give you multiple options which will help you to come up with your desired website design. The plugin comes with over 40 builder modules, multiple row types, and three section types which gives the ability to achieve the wildest designs by just manipulating these parts. 

Unlike other plugins, this plugin is compatible with most of the themes and works fine with the newly launched Gutenberg Editor. It will also not affect the website load time. Thus as long as you have hosted your website with one of the fastest WordPress hosting companies, then you need not worry much about the website loading speed. 

2. Beaver Builder

The Beaver build gives you unlimited drag and drop website building options. With this page builder, you will be able to build custom websites without knowing how to code. It is easy to use, has unlimited design possibilities, and is compatible with most WordPress themes. If you are afraid of starting from scratch, this page builder could offer you the best options. It comes with prebuild templates which you can choose and fine-tune your design idea from adjusting the different parts of the chosen template. 

After choosing one of the prebuild themes, you will have the option of replacing the images, deleting and writing your own words, and changing the theme colors. You will also be able to track your changes and see how the final page looks like through the preview pane. Once you finish the changes and you hit the publish button, the page will go live. You can load the website from another tab or even another browser and see how the new design looks like. 

3. Elementor

This is an open source WordPress page builder which allows you to make significant changes to your website. Elementor comes with prebuild modules which you can select and edit to suit your design. It is light on the website core code and thus you are assured that this page builder will not affect the loading speed of your website. Another good thing with Elementor is that it supports responsive designs allowing you to create mobile-friendly websites.

4. Themify Builder

Themify is a powerful page builder and gives you unlimited options to achieve your desired page layout. It comes with over 50 prebuild layouts, animation effects, and sliders for you to choose and edit. To build a website using this page builder, you will just be needed to select your desired layout, import it to your WordPress site and replace the images and text with your own. This builder is incorporated in all Themify themes but you can as well install it as a separate plugin and use it with any other compatible WordPress theme. 

5. Thrive Architect

If you are looking for a page builder for a conversion-based page such as a direct sales landing page, then you might consider this page builder. Thrive architect templates are designed for businesses which are focused on converting the website visitors. Build by Thrive Themes Company, which creates WordPress themes and Plugins, this page builder will give you over 200 page templates to choose from. Use it to create sales pages, landing pages, or even stunning Home pages.

6. SiteOrigin

As its name depicts, this page builder will help you create unique page layouts by just manipulating the different parts of the available modules. With this page builder, you will be able to create responsive designs which adapt to the different device screen sizes. The builder will not replace your WordPress widgets and thus you will have the freedom of combining its powerful drag and drop capabilities with the widgets which come with your chosen theme.

It’s possible to create a stunning WordPress website without being tech-savvy. With any of the above resources, you will be able to come up with impressive website designs and layouts by just dragging and dropping different modules and templates which come with your chosen page builder.

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