SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes: What to Look For

SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes: What to Look For

Appearance or Performance? What would you consider to boost your WordPress Website? Well, you already know the answer. There is no denying that WordPress themes significantly impact your website performance. So it is important to use SEO friendly theme for your website. Because Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in terms of driving traffic to your website and boosting the same.

But in a nutshell what to look for SEO-Friendly WordPress theme. Therefore choosing SEO Friendly theme is indeed necessary because it significantly impacts your website’s SEO. 

In this blog, we will discover Key factors that matter and that you should consider while choosing the theme for your WordPress website. Apart from that, we will mention the practices that you should follow for Theme Selection. And last but not least bonus information which has coupons to save your bucks and you can get a premium WordPress theme for your website. 

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Key Factors in an SEO-Friendly Theme

Here, we have listed the most important key factors to consider when choosing an SEO-Friendly theme for your website. We will discuss them one by one while answering all your why and what:

1. Responsive Theme:

The first checklist for SEO optimized website is to have SEO Friendly theme. A responsive design doesn’t mean it is responsive enough for desktop view only. These days most of the netizens on the internet use mobile/tablet devices. As per recent data analysis, we can say that mobile internet traffic is 56.96%. 

So the website must be responsive for all devices. The SEO Friendly themes include responsive designs. And it adapts to different screen sizes, custom formats for each design, etc for all types of devices. 

An SEO Friendly responsive theme/design generally adjusts according to the device used by the user. So in the end it boosts website performance. And it will result in more traffic on your website. At the same time, if we talk about a nonresponsive theme/design of the website design, it will create glitches in user experience. And you will end up having fewer users on your website. 


  • Improves user engagement and lower bounce rate.
  • Mobile Friendly Responsive designs make your website rank in Google.
  • Increased traffic and high conversion ratio. 

2. Theme with Clean Code

Google bot crawls your website through website codes. If complex coding is done, it becomes difficult for Google’s Search Engine bot to understand. SEO Friendly Themes give your website a solid foundation with clean coding. It helps search engine bot to understand your website’s content and structure.

A clean code makes your website load faster and smooth.  Complex coding creates errors and it can definitely hinder the website's performance. Which will automatically affect indexing your content, website pages, and at last user experience. SEO-friendly themes give your website clear coding with a validated structure. 


  • Easy crawling and indexing in Google.
  • Faster loading of the website. 
  • Compatible with all other various browsers. 

3. Theme that supports Plugins

WordPress plugins help you lessen the website coding. It gives additional support to your website and improves the website features. Therefore, it is important to choose SEO friendly theme which supports your website. 

Well-coded SEO Friendly themes are less likely to conflict with website plugins. Moreover, it enhances the website's performance. Themes which has SEO coding standards improve performance Metrics.

There are lots of plugins available in the library but you can consider using well-known SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, Rank Math, etc. These plugins are All-in-One SEO Pack. 


  • Less coding is required. 
  • Enhanced performance metrics. 
  • Compatible for all devices and browsers.

4. Theme with Page Speed Optimization

Google bot considers the page speed of the website, like how faster the page loads. To get a green signal from Google your website pages must load quickly. Consider Fast page optimization an important ranking factor. An SEO-friendly theme can help your website the same.

Page speed directly affects your user experience because users always expect a website to load quickly. Glitches in page loading make users frustrated. 


  • Fast page loading lowers the bounce rate.
  • Smooth browsing experience for users. 
  • Fast Google indexing.
  • Compatible with Mobile devices. 

5.  Schema Markup Theme

You must be aware of schema markup. Schema markup helps you inform the Search Engine bot in which context your website is. Let’s say you own a blog or news site or any listing website, then schema markup will inform the Google bot to understand accordingly. 

SEO-friendly themes include built-in schema markup. WordPress theme with in-built schema markup helps search engines to understand the relationship/relevancy between the different types of content or information you provide on your site. 


  • Rich Snippet of the Website Appearance.
  • Easy content categorization.
  • Improved CTR (Click through rate). 

A Complete Checklist for SEO-Friendly Theme Selection

We already discussed key factors to consider when choosing an SEO-Friendly theme for your WordPress website. However, here is the complete checklist that an SEO-friendly theme should have. This checklist will smooth your decision-making process to select the theme. 

  1. Clean and Simple Coding: A Theme that follows clean and simple coding standards is considered to be the SEO Friendly theme. 
  2. All Device Compatibility: An SEO-friendly theme adjusts automatically according to the user’s device. It is compatible with all devices and browsers.
  3. Responsive: Test the theme’s responsiveness with different devices to make sure and choose the best SEO Friendly theme. Especially, check if it is mobile-friendly.
  4. Page Speed: Evaluate the theme's loading speed using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights.
  5. Schema Markup: Check if the theme supports schema markup for enhanced search results.
  6. Plugins Compatibility: Check the compatibility with popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO.

Coupons to Save Money on WordPress Themes

In most cases, one looks for premium WordPress themes. Premium theme's cost can go out of your budget. But fortunately, you are privileged to get deals and coupons that allow you to enjoy the premium theme package. offers verified Promo Codes and Coupons to help you save more money on premium WordPress themes. You can utilize them and enhance your website's appearance. 


An SEO-friendly theme is more than just a design choice. It not only gives your website an appearance but it makes your website user-friendly. In a  nutshell, an SEO-friendly theme should have clean standard SEO code, responsive to all devices and browsers with fast page loading, and in built schema markup. Check all the factors before choosing the one and boost your website performance and rank easily. 

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