Recipes for a Successful Law Firm Online Growth

Recipes for a Successful Law Firm Online Growth

From academic information to shopping, entertainment material, trending topics, inspiration, and even the much-needed services, we live in an age where the internet provides almost all solutions in our human lives. You’ve gone to school, graduated with a law degree, gone to law school, gotten your certifications, volunteered as an attaché in law firm ABC and even worked several pro bono cases. You’ve even set up your law firm, made it operational, and you’ve actually recruited some clients.

You’re finally a practicing attorney but your firm is still on its take-off stage and you decide to take your practice online, perhaps after being inspired by an article you read over the internet about the importance of online presence in business. Well, you’re definitely on the right track to growing your practice.

However, it’s one thing to be lucky in your business, and it’s completely another to attract more clients online as a legal professional, which equates to growing your practice. And in this age and day where the internet dominates society, you can’t afford to be left behind. Most of your target consumers or people in need of legal assistance are mobile and internet users who spend a big part of their day online. 

Below are the ingredients you need for your law firm’s success and growth online.

Set Up a Stunning Law Firm Website

The best thing with lawyers is that they’re always hungry for information, ready for the challenge, and flexible. Staying updated is in their DNA. For this and more reasons, you most likely have a functional website for your law firm, but is it stunning enough to win your target clients over? Well, a good law firm website should at least contain a page for attorney profile/s, practice areas, client testimonials, client offers, contact, FAQs, and blogs. Also, the web design should have a professional look and feel. It should be easy to navigate through and locate information. It should be created for the user rather than for the search engines and should allow easy access from mobile phones, computers, and other internet access devices. If it lacks these principles, redesigning your website could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Understand SEO

While it’s been with us for quite some time now, not most of us may understand SEO. However, search engine optimization has proven time and again to be bone and flesh of internet marketing. Yes, it may have evolved, and some of the approaches that used to work a long time ago may no longer be fruitful today but hey, you should know better as an attorney. Search marketing is here to stay and your online presence is the only thing that will keep you in business in this oversaturated legal industry. You grow by recruiting more and more clients to your practice. And as far as the internet is concerned, wise law firms who have invested in SEO with GLM will tell you that no online marketing crash course is better than understanding SEO or leaving it to the hands of experts who understand it best. A strategic SEO approach will increase your rankings on Google, thereby increasing your online visibility, traffic to your website, and even boost your ROI from online client recruitment.

Leverage Social Media

Just like any other business, your law firm will definitely need a presence on social media. This is especially because the larger proportion of internet users today spends most of their time on social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Even if you have one up and running already, do you have enough followers? Are you posting frequently posting and content?  How many likes and shares are your posts getting? In this age and day, social platforms are turning out to be a major vessel through which individual and corporate brands start, break-even, and soar to greater heights. They also double up as rich hubs from where people get new business, especially from referrals, in addition to being excellent online marketing platforms. Be sure to make use of these sites to grow your practice online.  

Facebook Ads

Even though we mentioned social platforms above, Facebook ads are on their own level in this age and century. Especially when it comes to mobile advertising, Facebook and Google ads remain to be the two unbreakable giants in this arena. It is estimated that a good 90% of active Facebook users who access the social platform everyday do it from their mobile phones. This means that in addition to investing in paid Google search ads, including Facebook ads in your success recipe when marketing your firm will be a huge plus. All the same, you’ll want to stick to resourceful and compelling content that targets a particular audience to get the most out of Facebook ads.

Email Marketing

Even though it has faces threats and competition, left, right, and center over the past few years, it is now evident that email communication is not going anywhere anytime soon. The good old email marketing still holds its spot strong as among the best and most effective ways of communication and interaction with a huge number of people. In addition to being highly reliable, email communication keeps things professional, private, personal, and less invasive. Email marketing can be an awesome tool in your bid to increase your outreach and client base as a law firm. The most exciting thing is that, provided you have an email contact list (especially if you’re using reliable CRM software) ready, you can send personalized and general emails to referrals, existing, and prospective clients with the touch of a button. It’s a great way to establish a huge network for law firms.

Harness the Power of YouTube

After Google, YouTube is the second massive search engine in the world today. You can use this to the advantage of your law firm, promote your brand, and market your legal practice. Considering the tech improvements to date, all you need a smartphone with a high-quality camera to create a stunning video where you give your audience some legal video guides and tips that cover common legal issues they’re most likely to face. It’s become an effective way of attracting prospective clients online too, an ingredient that you don’t want to leave out in your law firm’s success recipe.

In this age and day, the legal industry is somewhat flooded online. Regardless of your location, you will most likely be battling against a considerable amount of competition for the same target clients. You can look at it as a “survival of the fittest” scenario. The above few pointers pinpoint what you should have in your survival and battle arsenal as a growth-chasing law firm online.

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