New Membership Plan From SMThemes

New Membership Plan From SMThemes

Great news for web developers who specialize in WordPress - SMThemes is launched excellent Membership programm. For many of you it can be a much more tempting opportunity to develop your web design business. Keep reading to learn more about extended opportunities for SMThemes users.

Why Do We All Love SMThemes?

Because, the themes of these developers are free first of all. All of them can be downloaded and used for free. Now it is about 7 hundred themes - plenty of choice, isn't it? Obviously, there is something for everybody, something that fits your needs and choice.

However, the great choice is some kind of problem.
Which one to select? This or that?

It can be a bit complicated if you need to make a choice for only one and delete those footer links for your client's website. Thanks to a new subscription plan you don't have to be faced with that choice. Make it whenever it is convenient.

Keep reading to learn more about extended opportunities for SMThemes users.

How does Membership Programm From SMThemes Work?

This plan is an advanced way to work with SMThemes. Once you purchased this subsciption, you get more than any license can give you.

There is no limits for downloading WordPress themes from Besides, a great advantage over the rest licenses is an access to every theme.

There is no more activation with Membership plan.
Now you are allowed to download link-free versions.

You heard right! Activation is left in the past for members. So what else you get alongwith Membership?

What Are The Benefits Of Membership Plan?

  • Year access to all SMThemes
  • Lifelong permission to use the themes downloaded during this year
  • No limits for the purpose of use ( build sites for your own or clients alike )
  • Operative support from developers
  • 2 themes are published every week, so you get more than you can imagine

One important note has to be mentioned here -
the themes are not allowed to be used for re-selling.

As you can see that this plan give a limitless access to the theme usage for members. If you are developer and purchase at least 3 themes per year ( look at the prices for the Medex  medical WordPress theme for example), then using simple math you can see that Membership subscription saves your money and time.

I'm sure that this new plan will be very profitable for developers. I'm glad to present you new opportunities for your business.

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I'm using Memebship and it is an awesome option for me as a developer! Thanks,

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