MilesWeb Review – Powerful Dedicated Server Provider for Your Web Project

MilesWeb Review – Powerful Dedicated Server Provider for Your Web Project
It is necessary to have an online presence for your business. Do you have a website but don't know how it performs? Many website owners don't even know how many other users they share websites with. There are chances your website shares resources with other 100 websites. It will affect your business because your website may face downtime issues.

If your website is down even for one second, and at this moment, if any visitor comes on the website, it will not be accessible. So, they might start looking for some other competitors' websites.

This time you will lose customers and also your business. If you want your website or application to be up at all times, you can opt for a dedicated hosting service. As a shared server cannot meet the growing demands of a website.

You get a whole server for your website when you pick a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a physical server devoted to a single user. They are designed to meet the demands of websites that need more computing power without any glitches.

With a dedicated server, you do not share server resources with any users, meaning no virtualization, no noisy neighbors and high durability. It is a bit costly, but it is worth the investment. The reason is you can expand your business and take it to new heights with a dedicated server. Also, it is an apt solution for hosting an eCommerce website, web project, or application.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is among the popular website hosting providers in the industry. MilesWeb began in the year 2012, and since then, they have been helping businesses grow online.

The company uses high-end technologies on its servers so that customers' websites run smoothly without any hitch. They have over 39,032 clients around the globe. They are keen on offering 24x7 customer support, a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Shared, WordPress, dedicated, cloud, reseller, VPS hosting.

By choosing MilesWeb dedicated hosting, you can run the most powerful managed dedicated server optimized for critical loads.

Why Choose MilesWeb Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is an ideal choice when you want to host eCommerce, high-traffic, or mission-critical websites or applications.

It is a big task to get the best dedicated hosting service for these websites or applications. Without understanding and analyzing your requirements, MilesWeb will not provide you solution.

With dedicated hosting, they assure a 99.99% uptime with which your websites are available online at all times. Also, their plans are scalable and flexible. They help power your website with the best software, hardware and innovative technologies.

Dedicated Server Features

Below are the features you get with MilesWeb dedicated hosting.

Intel Xeon Processors

Intel Xeon processors are utilized on MilesWeb dedicated servers. The Intel Xeon processors have the highest CPU cores and are new-generation processors. They deliver the best performance to your dedicated server and are ideal for running high-end websites or applications.

10 Gbps Network

MilesWeb offers an advanced network with dedicated servers optimized for fast page loading speed. With a data transfer speed of up to 10Gbps, your resource-heavy websites or applications run without a hitch.

SSL Encryption

With MilesWeb dedicated server, you get an SSL certificate for free. Any piece of data passing to and from the server gets encrypted automatically. It keeps your websites or applications secure. No attacker is allowed to access the sensitive information shared by visitors when it is passing through the internet.

Root/Administrative Access

A dedicated server gives you root/administrative access. It allows you to do the required modifications on the server. Also, you can install and delete whichever applications you want, exercise control over all the ports. You can even access and transfer all your files on the dedicated server through the Secure Shell Transfer Protocol.

No Setup Fees

Experts will deploy the dedicated server for you without waiting too long. They have in-stock servers which will deploy instantly in four hours after you place an order. Your server will be all set to use, as the operating system and the control panel will install on the server.

MilesWeb dedicated server plans & pricing

Most of the companies provide numerous plans for dedicated hosting. Unlike, MilesWeb offers fifteen plans.

Meaning, you have a choice of selecting one from the available options.

E5-2609 2.4GHz is their starting plan priced at Rs.6,999/m. This plan offers four Intel CPU cores and includes 8 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD, 1 TB bandwidth and one dedicated IP.

This dedicated IP address does not get shared with any other users. And if you want to scale higher, you can select the high-end plan, 2x E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz with 40 Cores. With this plan, you get 256 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD, 5 TB bandwidth and a dedicated IP. You can select a plan considering the RAM, bandwidth and SSD disk space you will need for hosting your heavy resource website or application.


MilesWeb is the best dedicated hosting service at affordable costs. Register today for their plans and stay away from all the incoming setbacks.           

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