Marketing For Moving Companies: Tips On Making Local SEO Work For You

Marketing For Moving Companies: Tips On Making Local SEO Work For You

If you have a moving company to manage, chances are you’re looking for better ways to improve your local SEO efforts. After all, it’s thanks to people in your area that have to move that you’ll be able to maintain a client-base, and it’s through generating more conversions and helping more clients move that can help maintain business. Unfortunately, not everyone moves everyday, which makes business a bit tricky to handle. However, just because not everyone conducts a house move doesn’t mean it’s impossible to maintain your moving company’s good reputation. In fact, it’s thanks to the ever-present need of expert house movers at exactly the moment anyone decides to move that you can rely on your team’s unique set of skills.

However, in order to ensure that people know you’re the team to look for in your area of coverage, you need to ensure local SEO works in your favor. Thankfully, you can steadily improve the progress of your SEO efforts with the help of some handy tips and tricks. Additionally, some SEO habits on the side could also help steer your local SEO efforts to boost your moving company’s position in the industry at large. Here are things you can do:

  • Select your keywords carefully. Granted, we all know that keywords matter in most SEO efforts since they help search engines redirect viewers to our content. However, local SEO depends on keywords more as they specifically work when viewers are looking for us within our specific search area. Unlike more global marketing efforts, keywords for local SEO tie in more to specific things such as our local area, our local services, and even specific terms that people familiar with our businesses would use. For instance, as a New York-based business, you’ll likely focus on keywords that people looking for NYC movers would use. These would include things that refer to places, services, or even concepts such as holidays that may affect people who need house movers in New York.
  • Use your SEO efforts to build your reputation based on location. Whereas most SEO efforts involve building a rep for a team via pure search alone, local SEO would likely need you to make efforts to make your team more recognizable based on location. In turn, you may need to focus less on creating content and instead ensure that users have all the means to contact your moving company when they search it. In turn, you need to ensure that your moving team’s contact details are posted properly in the appropriate online aggregates and databases, and that your entries in navigational sites are accurate. That way, potential clients who may need you on the spot will almost always have a means to reach you.
  • Plan your campaigns with local offerings in mind. Aside from making your staple slate of blog articles and content, try to ensure that your local SEO efforts also integrate your local offerings. These include promos and discounts your clients can avail by asking your team to help them with their house move, or even avail your other services if you have them (e.g., transportation, storage). That way, you SEO campaigns always focus on what your team has to offer and set yourself apart in your area immediately as a reliable moving team.
  • Always think of the long term. Perhaps one of the most essential tips you need to understand when making an effective marketing campaign is to think of the long term when it comes to your local SEO goals at large. Granted, you want people to recognize your moving team as the go-to long distance moving company in your particular area. However, you need to think of things you might want to do in the future as well - promos, discounts, gimmicks, and even potentially branching out to other places. You need to formulate a strategy in such a way that it can accommodate future marketing efforts on your end. For instance, blogging always remains a great way to set up a long-term strategy that allows your team to develop a system of what sort of output you want to create and how often you want to release them.                    

Marketing For Movers: Local SEO Is The Way To Go

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that local SEO is a perfectly reasonable way to go about with your marketing efforts. Remember, it’s much better to establish yourself first as the go-to moving team in your area before you expand to a more global audience. That way, you can ensure that your clients know you exactly the moment they need reliable movers to help with their move. Hopefully, the above tips can help ensure that your marketing efforts not only become more effective but also have an efficient local spin that will continue to attract audiences and potential clients to your direction.

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Intriguing post on local SEO for moving companies, Dia! Focusing on location-specific keywords really helped us stand out in our area. We've even started a blog that covers local events and offers tips for new residents, which has increased our community presence. How often would you recommend updating these local SEO efforts, such as keywords and campaigns, to ensure we remain competitive?

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