Is Wordpress the Best Website Builder - Comparing Options

Is Wordpress the Best Website Builder - Comparing Options

Web hosting is a service that allows any individual or a business to have their websites or blogs. There are many reliable and efficient website builders available in the market. You can take the help of these builders to build a great website for your company or for personal blogging. Well, there is no doubt that there are many website builders that you can trust but everyone tends to ask which one is the best. If you have the same question in your mind, then here is a short comparison between the top four website building tools – WordPress, Weebly Wix and Gator. To know which one is the best, read on.

WordPress vs. Weebly vs. Wix vs. Gator

Well, all of these website builders are surely the best ones available in the market right now. They have some amazing features and great benefits that can help you to build an efficient website for your business or blogging needs. But when it comes to choose the best among these four builders, you have to compare the features. So, there it is:

Features of WIX

This is a place where you can create professional websites for your business, companies or even for your professional blogging. It provides you the freedom to create anything with some of the amazing tools and features.

Flexibility in design helps you to choose a perfect one for your company or business.  This is one of the more popular website builders for artist portfolios because it is very visual in nature.  Very easy to use with a clean interface and strategically paced control panelCompletely value for money. Provides excellent customer support.

Features of WordPress

WordPress brings to you the power of building your own website with the highest amount of security. It provides innumerable features and some great tools. You can create amazing website with impeccable designs in just few simple steps.

Provides outstanding designs with uniquely styled layouts. 

You get your own domain name with the highest security. 

Have completely SEO friendly designs for the best visibility. Creating and managing your website becomes the easiest with WordPress. Comes with mobile ready design and features. 

Features of Gator

This is another powerful web hosting service which makes building your website affordable and easy. It too comes with some amazing features like:

Provides unmetered band width and disk space. Has over 4500 beautifully designed templates to choose fromEasy to use control panel for editing your website Provides a seamless technical support 24 hours a day.

Features of Weebly

This is a great and amazing website builder to build a professional website for your business. You can customize your website with some amazing features like: 

Amazing design flexibility Completely value for moneyProvides amazing help and technical support. Control panel comes with some basic yet helpful tools.

Which is the best? 

Among Gator, Wix, Weebly and WordPress, the competition is quite tough. But the winner is clearly WordPress. You get endless options that help you to build a perfect website and create anything that you want for your business. It comes with some amazing tools in the control panel that you can use to curate the best website for your business. WordPress also comes with different plans perfect for different needs – Personal, Premium and Business. You can choose one based on your needs and requirements.

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