Is WordPress the Best Option for eCommerce in 2020?

Is WordPress the Best Option for eCommerce in 2020?
On 27th May 2003 WordPress Developers developed WordPress as a blog publishing support. Now, it is a platform where a website is built which is commonly called a Content Management System (CMS) which is both free and open source. It is written in PHP and it is paired with SQLite, MySQL, and MariaDB. It was actually launched in the market for publishing blogs in the digital forum and now it is used for supporting websites. According to a recent study, till 2019 more than 60 million websites have used it and around 33.6% of the top-notch companies have used it for digital presence through a website. WordPress is licensed under the General Public License (GPLv2+).

Interesting Names of WordPress Versions

WordPress has given the names of its version to pay tribute to the Jazz musicians.

The first version (0.7) has no such name but Version 1.0 has been codenamed after Miles Dewey Davis III as Davis. Version 1.2 as Mingus, 1.5 as Strayhorn, 2.0 as Duke, 2.1 as Ella, 2.2 as Getz, 2.3 as Dexter, 2.5 as Brecker, 2.6 as Tyner, 2.7 as Coltrane, 2.8 as Baker, 2.9 as Carmen, 3.0 Thelonius 3.1 as Reinhardt and so on.
Version 5.0 has been named after Dionisio Ramon Emilio Valdes Amaro, also known as Bebo Valdes and hence the name Bebo. Version 5.1 has been named Betty after Betty Carter, 5.2 have been named Jaco after the famous American Jazz bassist John Anthony and the latest version of WordPress is Kirk named after Rahsaan Kirk.

WordPress Used for eCommerce Business

It is used widely for eCommerce business because the website provided by the WordPress platform is fully customizable. eCommerce business items, offers, payment methods, functioning, and structure etc. Change day to day and WordPress is the best possible option as these sites are fully dynamic hence, they can be changed from the client’s end whenever required.


  • WordPress has a wide range of functions among all website making tools. It has a wide range of templates and which can also be designed according to the customer’s needs.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important method of increasing the visibility of the websites. With WordPress SEO can be done without much difficulty.
  • Previously, the sites which used to open on the desktop didn’t open properly in the tabloids or mobile phones. WordPress has changed this concept permanently. Now all sites are dynamic and responsive and can be opened properly in any gadget.
  • Using WordPress for making a website enhances the performance of the site. The resolution, colors, speed etc. increase from a normal site. It looks vibrant and classy.
  • It saves articles which are not finished; they can also be edited later and then can be published.
  • Online payment gateway pages are given 3 to 5 layers of security through WordPress which makes the hackers difficult to hack the sites.
  • The media management is very strong as videos, gifs, high-quality scrolls, etc can be easily played. Even high-quality photographs can be uploaded without much difficulty.
  • The back end job for the client is also not very difficult. He doesn’t have to be a computer geek to change the functions, images, gallery, content, etc as it can be changed easily without much effort.
  • WordPress Plugin Directory has the largest variety of free and open-source plugins.
  • Plugins can be easily created through WordPress. One has to go through the Plugin creation handbook and by following the steps it can be easily done.

Requirements to Run WordPress

WordPress requires certain hosts to run without any problems. It needs PHP Version 7.3+, MySQL Version 5.6+ or Maria DB Version 10.1+ and HTTP support. Though Apache and NGINX are recommended servers as it has many features for running WordPress but servers supporting PHP and MySQL will also do.

Easy Maintenance

WordPress has got the best reviews in terms of maintenance. The database of WordPress contains all the posts, comments and links which are there in the blog. If the database gets damaged or erased, you will be at risk of losing everything. Keeping a backup is very necessary as misfortunes can happen anytime and to anybody, nobody has the control over it but with proper back up the WordPress files and database can be quickly restored to the general state.

High Performance

The fastest way to improve the performance of a site is by using the WordPress cache. If there are problems in your site then it is wise enough to install the plugins like Cache Enabler, WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. These plugins enhance the performance a thousand times. Another complex caching is Web server caching and it is used in the sites where traffic is very high.

Shifting WordPress

If you are shifting WordPress to a new server or changing the location on the server without changing the domain name or URL, no reinstallation is required. WordPress is competent enough to take care of such petty things.

Its Future in eCommerce

WordPress is being so friendly to use, it has been used by most of the companies. It is clearly the best possible option for the eCommerce business as it is helpful where the business is of buying and selling products, usage of payment gateway and changing of price and giving discounts, functions etc. Changing the interface is very easy using WordPress without changing the domain name and URLs. The sudden offers which are given in the eCommerce sites were difficult to do previously as the concept of the dynamic page didn’t arise. With the advent of WordPress in the market, such changes can be easily done without any issues. As we know that most of the eCommerce giants are using WordPress for developing their sites so it is believed to be the future for all the sites and the concept of the website is changing. Nobody prefers keeping the contents static; a constant change makes the site attractive and marketable.  WordPress had many problems back in 2007 and 2008 but now they have overcome all the problems and their business is growing every day.
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