Innovative solutions and breaking information for WordPress users

Innovative solutions and breaking information for WordPress users

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We present to your attention a new great and free source of information about the top popular web software called WordPress, free wordpress themes from SMThemes and huge range of the quick and effective solutions.

WordPress popularity is not a coincidence

Everybody knows that the number of WordPress users is increasing with each passing day, as well as the questions of its users. Actually, this is not surprising. WordPress is a free and very easy to use software, is a website built on WordPress that recommends the right products/service to the right people. This is the one of the fundamental reasons why its popularity is so high in the world. 

Using this CMS you may have some questions or issues in the beginning, but after a while you will definitely gain the insight into how to manage this software.

But not all the answers lie on the surface. For example, clicking the Update button may be a really annoying thing. Updates of WordPress are issued to simplify the work and save your time. However, this doesn't always go this way. Most of the WordPress users install third party plugins which can have some compatibility problem with this latest update.

Having a huge experience in technical support for WordPress and our free WordPress themes, we decided to summarize all that we know and share with you.

This blog is aimed to help people develop their knowledge about website creation, keep them informed about the latest updates and news of web technologies.

We want to summarize here:

  • the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions ( about the usage of these leading software for website creation ),
  • share useful tips on how to customize your site and 
  • give practical pieces of advice on different topics concerning HTML, CSS and PHP.

Follow our blog and be aware of the latest news of the best free WordPress themes and WordPress as well.

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