How To Start A Blog With A Pro Blogger

How To Start A Blog With A Pro Blogger

A blog is the only platform that gives people a chance to express their views, share their experiences and also get to educate other people. Blogs do not limit the writer on what to write or how to write. As long you have the right content that is informative and clear to the readers, then you will be able to attract the audience and earn income every month.

What are the right steps to follow when starting a blog?

• Choose the Blogging Platform.

Blogging does not require you to have a large sum amount of money to open an account because there are platforms that are offered for free. One of the most trusted platforms for blog posting is the word press, which is technically created to suit the bloggers. What makes WordPress stand out is the fact that it is entirely free, and it has all the features that the blogger will need when customizing the account. Also, you have high chances of getting noticed on this platform because there are so many blogs ran there, and most customers opt for such places when looking for contents to read.

On the other hand, you should not rely too much blogging on free blog platforms because they also have several drawbacks. For example, you are limited to the number of images you can upload to your blog. There are limited features and themes that you can access from the website as well. Even if WordPress has over one hundred ideas and features, the users are only entitled to use some of these themes. Another considerable drawback for using the free blog platforms is that you cannot customize your blog according to your preferences. So, it’s crucial that you also consider working with a blog platform that charges a particular amount of money if you want to access the privileges which are not available on the free ones.

• Select a Domain Name.

The domain name is what gives you an identity and differentiates you from other bloggers. Make sure that you choose a domain name that does not resemble any other domain online. Your domain name should be inspired by what you blog is about. If you want to blog about the fitness industry or about cooking different international recipes, ensure that the topics that you will be talking about are on your mind before you define your domain.

• Set up Web Hosting WordPress.

Although you have finished the major part of blog setting once you develop a domain name, next, you need to figure out where all your blog posts will be stored when you are not around to monitor them, and this is where web hosting comes in. Web hosting is the server responsible for storing all the online files and contents in a person’s website. This makes it easy for the audience to track your information online and with ease as well. As you learn how to start a blog, you also need to learn how to choose a web hosting company since the company that you choose will determine the quality of your blogs.

There are hosting companies who offer these services for free but such companies also bring along various drawbacks. For example, their servers tend to be low in loading because there are tons of customers using the servers at the same time, plus most of them have the poorest customer care services. The bottom line is, do not settle for a free web hosting company. Choose a company that is offering the services at a fair price and a company that will provide you with excellent customer care services too.

• Customize your Blog.

The first impression is always crucial and therefore, how you design and customize your blog will determine how much traffic you will drive to your website. So choose a theme that is attractive and matches with your blog posts. Your blog should be easy to load, be mobile compatible such that even those with mobile phones can easily access it. It should have less clutter like the ads to ensure a clear view and take less time to load. All these are qualities of an excellent blog, and they attract a lot of audience for a blog.

Whether you are using a free blog platform or you choose to pay one, make sure to take advantage of all the themes and features at your disposal to improve your blog’s visibility.

• Start Writing your Blog.

Having a full set blog account, now you need to login to the platform and start writing your blogs. Starting your blogging journey gives you mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement since you have accomplished one of your dreams, but then again, there is a fear of how it will turn out to be and how your audiences will respond to your blog posts. Follow the edit texts on the page as they are clearly outlined and ensure to check and proofread your blog before you post it.

Starting up a blog is quite easy as long you follow the right steps and make it to the latter. The above are five essential steps that one should follow when starting a blog according to Matthew Woodward. You can seek help from a web developer to guide you when customizing your blog to ensure that you don’t leave out the essential details and parts of the blog.

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