How To Search For A Word On A Web Page - Best SEO Tools

How To Search For A Word On A Web Page - Best SEO Tools

Today, almost every business has a website, and everyone engaged in its operating asks: ‘how to search for a word properly so that the website gets more visits’. It is the right spot where SEO comes into force. Specific tools not only save time but also greatly facilitate the work of specialists. More than that, the emergence of that tendency entailed various specialists from different spheres to master SEO and its tools as well. Internet marketers, copywriters, and business owners themselves use optimization tools in their work routine every day. These tools are a collection of services, plug-ins, programs needed to optimize routine processes.

For example, there are online services for site analysis and content analysis, internal promotion tools, and external SEO promotion, external SEO tools, etc. Some are good to partner with, in particular, including link exchanges with electronic article directories and reliable service of different profiles, such as essay writing service systems, SEO specialists organizations, etc.

Keywords are the primary and central aspect which merits attention in SEO. Keywords are words and phrases that correspond to the expressions entered by users in the search engine query field. 

Fortunately, nowadays, there is a large number of useful SEO-services that help facilitate the process of searching for words and further promotion of a resource. Let’s consider some of the most convenient, easy, and handy tools from the vast variety presented in the net.

1. Seoptimer

The first tool we are going to consider is Seoptimer, which is an SEO analyzer tool created to evaluate the page ranking of SEO factors for a certain URL. It gives a summary of the most critical indicators. The results of the analysis are divided into seven categories:

  • HTML header
  • Body content
  • Internal and external links of this page
  • Additional files - information about the robots.txt file and the XML Sitemap
  • Social Media - the number of citations for the URLs on Facebook and Google +
  • HTTP headers
  • Domain and server - provides information on the server page (server name, IP-address, etc.).

2. SEO Site Checkup

The next to go SEO Site Checkup, which allows making a free SEO site analysis on 45 indicators in 6 categories:

  • General SEO issues
  • Optimization of speed - the performance of the resource and the download speed of its elements
  • Server and security - the presence of a resource in blacklists, display of potentially sensitive information
  • Mobile Usability - whether the resource is optimized for the mobile environment. Also, it gives a snapshot of how the site looks on a mobile device
  • Social media - the level of promotion of the website by providing the number of references and links in social networks
  • Web semantics - whether the site uses structured data or not.

3. Lipperhey

The site position analyzer Lipperhey creates SEO analysis report for the entered URL.

The report evaluates five sections, which detail the following matters:

  • The number of visitors
  • Indexation - optimization for search engines is evaluated
  • Hosting
  • Design - gives a preview of the display of the site on a mobile device, and also, several other design elements (built-in styles, images, etc.)
  • Page SEO - shows how well various HTML elements are optimized (titles, URLs, meta descriptions, headers, etc.).

4. UpCity Free SEO Report Card

A free analyzer UpCity provides the results in the form of a report. It is formed on the site’s compliance with 18 indicators from 6 categories:

  • Analysis of ranking - how the resource is ranked in Google and Bing for the targeted keywords
  • Link weight - whether the resource gets a sufficient amount of backlinks
  • General analysis
  • Website availability - whether the fast loading and accessibility of the home page is provided for search engines
  • Indicators of trust - the authoritativeness of the resource is estimated
  • Current indexing - whether the site is indexed in Google, Yahoo, etc.

5. HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

To analyze the resources a little deeper than many other similar online tools, try to use Marketing Grader, which provides you with a report focusing on five areas of online marketing:

  • Blogging activity
  • Social media
  • SEO - this section evaluates several relevant pages and total SEO ranking factors (titles, descriptions, trackbacks, etc.)
  • Lead generation - the effectiveness of landing pages
  • Mobile functions optimization (for mobile devices).

There is an opinion that became a principle for many: ‘Create content for people, and success will be forthcoming.’ Although the quality of content is certainly fundamental for the successful development of an Internet project, it is far from being the only and certainly not a singularly sufficient condition. Professional internal optimization of the project ensures well-deserved attention for good content. It does not let words get lost in the swift information flow. Handy SEO tools help even the beginners to grasp the subtleties of the promotion process.


Mary Hampton is a professional writer with a ground experience in SEO. She has started her career in college, and soon became a remote writer for a number of websites. Now Ms. Mary claims that SEO is as important as a content itself, she shares some handy tips on FAQ's in her social media profiles

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