How To Make Links Work For You

How To Make Links Work For You

We mustn't underestimate the value and importance of links you have on your website. Link is a very powerful tool in a skillful hands. If you want to know how to improve site ranking while adding both internal and external links - you are at the right place, keep reading!

Customize Link As an HTML Element

Any link looks something like:

inside the Document Object Model of your page. Here you may see link text and destination address where you may go if click this link. This is a minimum which any link must consist of. However, there are some more attributes you may use to fit your needs much more effective.

Why Your Link Need a Target Attribute

According to the latest trend of search engines I would recommend you to use this attribute and set it to "_blank". This attribute is optional and you need to specify it only if you want some link to be opened in a new tab.

However, it was notices that search engines pay particular attention to "dwell time" or time which a visitor spends on your site. According to a very difficult algorithm user behaviour may indicate a high quality of your site or not.

Thus this is in your best interest to keep your site tab opened in browser longer.

  Target attribute is not supported in HTML5

However, it is still not fully deprecated and it is up to you whether to use this attribute or not.

How To Make The Link Not To Influence Ranking

If your site infomation have many external links and rank of these pages is much less than your site have you may just instruct search engines not to take these links into account.

However, some search engines ignore this attribute and will index this links anyway.

3 Reasons To Add More Links To Your Site

Both outbound and inbound links play great role in Search Engine Optimization of your site.

1. Improve Usability Of Site

You should be honest to yourseslf that we can't know exacly why this or that visitor came to our website. But content of your page must be interesting and convenient for any visitor.

For sure headlines must help visitor to navigate through the content, but links allows to make the path to the needed infomation shorter. If you write about some topic and you know that somewhere is even more information about that - let people go there and know full infomation.

2. Search Engine Appreciates Trustful Links

Moreover, Google even respects linking out to authority sites. It understand that if this site is popular and people like visiting it then this site is worth of trust. If you give the link to this site than your site is also useful for search as well.

Simple logic and they are right. Internet is full of infomation and if you know where it is already written:

  don't duplicate - just place the link

3. Overlinking OR Inbound Links Say Much

These links as well as their number improves navigation by your site and says to search engines that your pages are connected to each other, have relative content and as a result all your site gains respect. Of course, it works only if its content is also unique.

Just Links OR The Most Important Things For SEO

I can't say whether links are the most important elements in site optimization, but one thing I know for sure

  No Optimization is Possible Without Links

Links, their quality and relevance are the foundation of a good site promotion. The best way to obtain high-quality backlinks from authority sites in the form of niche edits or guest posting. Pay close attention when working on your content. "Don't reinvent the wheel" - link to the trustful and popular sites and create strong overlinking logic for your own site. And the success will follow you.

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