How To Increase Traffic To A Wordpress Blog?

How To Increase Traffic To A Wordpress Blog?

For every blogger, the major concern is to increase traffic on their blogs or websites. Because traffic is important for a website to grow and get popular.  What will be the use of opening a shop and no customer are coming to the shop? 

So, today I am going to tell you the most effective methods to get good traffic on your WordPress blog. these methods are very effective for all kind of blogs. 

Before starting further, you should know that traffic is not just any user on the internet. They are more likely to go the website of their interest. So don't expect to get all the traffic to your blog only. you can convert a user into a client or customer, so provide best services and content so that they will get back to your blog.

Methods To Increase Traffic On Wordpress Blog

1. Choose Right Web Hosting

The first thing to optimize for increasing traffic is your web hosting & for better hosting, we have Cloudways suggestion for you along with an exclusive Cloudways Discount 2019.

A right web hosting will enhance your productivity and will grow your blog into a successful business. Rather than keep in one place for years like cheap hosting. choosing the right web hosting is the first thing to do. because other methods will not work if the web hosting is not right for the WordPress blog.

The reason is that cheap hostings are not sufficient to provide good support and handle your website. frequently the blog will goes down and becomes unavailable on the internet. So how to expect users to come.

While in the case of right web hosting, they will support you for 24 hours 365 days. other than that they will have the best quality servers and services that will increase the performance and speed of the blog.

Now, for those who are confused with choosing the right web hosting, then I would recommend Cloudways hosting. it is one of the best cloud hostings that comes at a very affordable price. they have amazing support in all over the world. 

Cloudways hosting offers different types of plans based on the requirements of the blog. their package is compatible with an e-commerce website, blogs, business, and any other niche. the package includes features like CloudwaysCDN, free SSL, free site migration, daily backups, free WordPress plugins and many more.

2. Use Social Buttons Plugin

The easiest traffic to get is social traffic because on a social platform like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram they daily get billions of active users. they have the most amount of traffic and you can drive some traffic to your website too. 

The method to increase traffic from social sites is through a social button plugin for WordPress.  the social plugin is a collection of social platform’s share buttons. these buttons are displayed on the sidebar of the blog so that user will not have to copy/paste the URL to share.

This method facilitates the sharing work of the reader, and if they will see the share button in front of them, then they are most likely to share it. now, due to more sharing of your blog's content on social sites, then the interesting traffic will come to your blog.

3. SEO Optimized Content

The best way to increase traffic is by showing on the first page of search result. Getting your blog's content ranked on the first page will automatically drive thousands of organic traffic to your blog. 

However, getting on the first page is not easy. You have to make your blog’s content SEO optimized so that google’s algorithm can easily detect your content and rank it.  it is done by doing SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). It is a technique of optimizing the post title, content, images so that Google can easily understand what is your content. 

4. Quora

Quora is a question & answer based platform. here anyone can ask a question about anything that comes in their mind and everyone can provide a genuine answer.  Quora becomes a good source of traffic just by answering some simple questions related to your blog niche. then after providing the solution, you can give a link to your blog. 

So, when anybody will like your solution and will find it interesting then they will come to your blog. however, do not overdo the links of your blog in the solution. Because it will deteriorate the solution and your chances of getting traffic too. So find a question-related to your website and give the right solutions.

5. Guest Post

Guest post is very helpful for getting building backlinks, however, it is also effective for getting traffic to your blog. it works as when you do a guest post on someone's website. then the traffic of their website will see your blog links and due to the same niche, most likely they will visit your website too.

So, by doing a guest post on a website who gets good traffic will get you some traffic on your blog. find the websites related to your blog niche and approach them for a guest post. Send them an email with a great pitch about your guest post. Now write a perfect guest post for their website and put some information or link of your blog in that post.  This will increase traffic on your WordPress blog.

6. Make Blog Faster

The best method to increase traffic on your blog is to make it run faster than others. From the research, it is proven that the speed of the blog heavily impacts the traffic. people want everything faster and they get irritated when they have to wait. So when a blog takes more time to load then the user will bounce to another website. due to this, your blog will lose traffic. 

On the other hand, if the blog will run faster than others then users will mostly come to your blog. so to make your blog fast you have to do the setting of WordPress. use cache plugins for WordPress to increase the blog speed.

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