How To Get More Social Media Engagement From Great Content

How To Get More Social Media Engagement From Great Content

Cult brands exist that have no online presence and spend next to nothing on their marketing and advertising. Some brands which fall into this category that you may or may not have heard of are Zara, the clothing company. Lamborghini, the supercar maker. NVIDIA, the graphics card company.

While your brand may not have the stellar credentials, not just yet anyway, these companies still have lots of engagement - only it comes via word of mouth and from holding a place in culture. Today we want to examine how emerging and growing companies can achieve more engagement on social media by using great content.

Content comes in all shapes and sizes. The popularity of user-generated content is growing, but there are some areas where it can’t match professional work. Hiring a specialist - whether that’s an essay writer to help tell your brand’s story or a motion graphic artist to make your old logo sing in a new way - can significantly boost engagement on a brand's social media posts. For brands to excel on social media, they can’t merely post this content. The content has to create a buzz and some interactions, what we call engagement.

Set an engagement goal

As you probably know, social media platforms allow for specialist business accounts. If that’s news to your brand, you should change the status of your account quick-sharp. Business accounts have access to analytics and data relating to their content. Before we even start talking about getting more engagement, it’s imperative to know where the baseline lies.

Instead of using absolute numbers to set targets, such as 500 more views this week than last week, think in terms of percentage increases. The magic of compound interest will yield some excellent dividends over time.

Get creative with your copywriting

Getting greater social engagement means communicating with your audience in an appropriate tone and style. Who is your audience, and how do they use the internet?

Many brands today are pushing a young and wild tone, crazy memes, and talking like a teenager are de rigueur. Speaking and writing in this way isn’t that easy to do; pro writers will draw on their experience and sources so that you don’t end up looking like a ‘fellow kid.’

Enlisting a pro essay writer or an experienced marketing officer is effortless these days. Freelancers advertise services on a wide range of platforms, including Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and so on. On these sites, there are people with the skills to add a professional touch to your communications.

Get a new calendar

The ebbs and flows of human life are, in many ways, unpredictable. However, some things stay the same. If you’re posting to social media - do you research what time and what day are the most popular for your posts. Hijacking the algorithm is not easy, but it’s what will make your engagement figures skyrocket.

The calendar needs to include the things that happen every year. The holidays, the seasons, the inescapable cultural tides are your new friends. It’s all part of planning ahead. You should be thinking about your content for Valentine’s Day on the first day back in the office after New Years’. You get the idea; look ahead and get into position early.

Make valuable content

Stop rolling your eyes, it may seem obvious, but your content has to have value. That’s if you want your followers to remain followers. If we’re more realistic, it is hard to produce quality and relevant content 24/7. What you can do instead, though, is keep a consistent schedule of posts. Keep up the flow of posting, and the algorithms will smile kindly upon your brand.

If you’re running out of gorgeous snaps from your latest product launch, use the different app features to create a conversation with your audience. The popularity of certain Instagram celebrities ‘secrets’ segment is a testament to how much people love semi-anonymous messaging as an interaction - which is the best form of engagement out there.

If you create content flows that drive messages and questions, make sure that you’re fast with your replies. A quick response will hit your audience with a rush of dopamine and keep them enjoying your page for longer.

Use the right tools

Every burgeoning brand needs some tools to make its ascendancy smoother. Gone are the days when a laptop or desktop was necessary for editing photos and films. Everything is possible on the phone now.

Canva is a service that makes it incredibly simple to create content in the right dimensions. Different platforms seem to have an array of sizes; they prefer their content to come in. Make sure you tick those boxes and satisfy the requirements.

Video editors have come in thick and fast over recent years; however, Clips for iOS is the most user-friendly and straightforward. You can add music and text without hassle or stress. Android users should check out Funimate, which is very similar but available on their Play Store.

GIFs are the language of the internet now. Giphy is one of the best ways to access the infinite supply of reaction GIFs; make your tweets Millienial friendly with this app.

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