How To Choose Photos For Your Web Page Without Having To Die In An Effort

How To Choose Photos For Your Web Page Without Having To Die In An Effort

Among all the types of corporate photography sessions that we did, there is one that I really like: a session to select photos of the company's website. Okay, I think bringing lots of web pages has something to do, but many times I think that the importance of the photos is in the background and almost unnoticed.

We all remember that "a picture is worth thousands of words" even though, at the time of truth, we focus on other aspects. Web design, copywriting, SEO and web architecture take up most of the posts and focus of attention.

Design, copywriting or photos, what's more important? TO-DO, don't tell stories.

Eye! That I consider these other aspects to be very important too. But if you dedicate a little more time to the photos that will be on your new website, you can increase your conversions.

So, if you are currently thinking of launching a new website for your company, we leave behind some of the main tips for properly selecting photos of your website.

Organization: How is your website? Think about what you need for photos

Before leaving to plan a photo session, we have to answer the question: When should you take photos for your website? In our experience, you have to plan after designing the web. The steps are:

  • Content architecture design.
  • web design
  • Corporate photography session.
  • Development of web pages.

Because you can optimize the photographer's time (saving money), you will have 100% clear what photos you need, what style you like and it will be easier for you to be satisfied with the session.

Photos must be parallel to the speech you have on your website

Link to the previous point: if you are careful that the language you follow on social networks is in harmony with what you follow on your website, why don't you do it with photos of your company?

Photos that sell your brand are other points in your company's image. Don't make a very casual session if your website has a really serious tone; also do not launch websites with photo galleries if your strong point is the closeness and humanity of your employees.

Humanize your brand

And speaking of closeness, what do we do with people in photos on the web? Let them appear, of course! If there is a trend that I think has survived in corporate photography is brand humanization. The importance or presence that you want people in your website photos must also be consistent with your brand image, the design chosen and the point where you feel comfortable. If you need to edit, you have to use proper software. For example, if you need to edit some photos in your Mac, you should use a quality photo editor for Mac.

Talk to the photographer

The communication between photographer and client is the key to the success of a session. Talk to the photographer you have chosen. Try to give references to the type of photography you need for your company. Tell him what you want and what you want with the session. He can give you his professional opinion and his aesthetic criteria, but he clarifies the extent to which the functions of each part arrive. Here we talk about giving a marketing point to the photo session. You may also be offered that service by the photographer, or you prefer the design team to do it or solve it internally. But do not leave it aside.

Remember that the purpose of these photographs is not (only) artistic: you must be clear about the purpose of your website and that the photos also help to achieve it.

Matthew Freeman 3 years ago
I really enjoyed your article! They are all correct in their assessments. I already know 80 percent of this information, but that additional 20 percent is priceless. I believe that the most important aspect of our new website will be to avoid overusing photographs. Another excellent resource for this purpose is that we do not overlook the significance of optimizing pictures, including SEO before they are uploaded to a website to improve site performance.

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