How Startups Can Benefit From WordPress

How Startups Can Benefit From WordPress

When WordPress came into existence, it was only known for its blogging capabilities. However, it slowly grew into a content management system that can do more than just being a blogging platform. It is now a multi-purpose platform which can be used in many ways including developing a corporate website, eCommerce sites and so on. After all, it didn’t mean 

Startups, especially, can take benefit from what WordPress has to offer. After all, it is an open source content management system which the entrepreneurs would love to get started with. So, what makes it a great choice for startups or how startups can benefit from WordPress. Let’s discuss below.

1. WordPress is open source and free

Startups have a limited budget when it comes to running their operations. This also means that they have a limited budget for managing their website. WordPress offers them the opportunity to have a solid presence on the web by providing free CMS. It also means that the startup has complete ownership of the website and the content it generates.

2. WordPress is reliable

WordPress is extremely reliable when it comes to starting a website. It is an open source project which means it is almost free from bugs or exploits. It is worked upon by thousands of working professionals who are developers, testers or coders. It is also evolved gracefully in the past 10 years and has overcome many limitations of the current web technologies. Moreover, it uses reliable web technologies including PHP, JavaScript, and SQL which makes it more reliable than ever.

It’s reliability also means that it will stay longer with more features and support in the coming years.

3. SEO friendly

WordPress comes with basic SEO support out of the box. Startups are all about reaching people through different mediums. SEO provides a great value to startups as it organically brings traffic to their website which in turn enables them to target the right people. Startups can also use free SEO plugins to improve their website’s SEO performance

4. WordPress themes and plugins

Another reason startups can benefit directly from WordPress is because of their ecosystem. It consists of great plugins and themes, both free and paid. A startup can start using a mix of both free and paid options and then change them later on when they have access to more funds or increased budget for their website.

It is also easy to access developers in WordPress thriving economy. So, if a startup wants to develop a custom plugin or theme, they can do so by hiring a WordPress developer who is readily available at an affordable price.  

5. Great community

The community of the WordPress is also amazing. It means that if the startups get stuck while developing or managing their website, they can easily take help from the community. The community can help guide for common problems. Also, there is a plethora of guides and tutorial on most of the important aspects of WordPress, enabling the startup to release their WordPress website as soon as possible.

6. Scalability

Startups are always a rollercoaster ride. It can stay dormant for many months, only to spike in popularity and growth the very next day. Startups can enjoy the scalability that WordPress has to offer. This way startups can start small, and then grow when needed. WordPress can be run in almost any server thanks to its low requirement. Startups can then either expand the server specs or change host to cloud to scale it accordingly.

7. WordPress is secure

Startups run on unique ideas where it is important to ensure that they keep their trade secrets intact. Also, as a startup, a security breach can spell disaster for their image and public relations. This makes WordPress a great pick as it is a secure platform which protects it from third-party malicious actors.

As WordPress is popular, it is trendy among hackers. However, no platform is 100% safe, but the willingness of developers, the community and user, can eradicate most of the common threats and secure your website for the most part.  As a startup, you also need to do your part by getting a reliable host, using a strong username and password, updating WordPress core, plugins and themes. They also need to install a proper security plugin.

8. WordPress and branding go hand in hand

WordPress is customizable to the core which in turn enables you to do proper branding of your website. The themes that you get for free offer decent customization. However, you can get a paid theme and customize it according to your business model. This means that you can add fonts, logos, change colors and show your brand in the best way you want.

9. Mobile friendly

Mobile traffic now accounts for more than fifty percent of the overall traffic. There is no doubt that startup needs to ensure that they have their website mobile friendly. Google also values websites that are responsive and mobile friendly.

As for startup, they don’t have to worry about making their website mobile friendly, as by default WordPress comes with the necessary support. All you need to do is use a theme that is responsive which can be either a free theme or a paid theme. You can also use Android or iOS apps that help you render your WordPress website on a mobile.

10. eCommerce support

It is common for startups to start with a bare-minimum website and add features/functionality later on. This also means releasing a digital or physical product which they surely would love to sell it through their website along with other major outlets. To do so, they need eCommerce support.

WordPress goes big with eCommerce support, thanks to their WooCommerce plugin. It is an excellent plugin and is the leading e-commerce technology right now. For a startup, having the option to include eCommerce with an install of a plugin offer great scalability and sustainability. 

Wrapping up

This leads us to the end of our article on how startups can benefit from WordPress. So, what do you think about the impact of WordPress on a startup success if they choose to use it?  Comment below and let us know!

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